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10 Reasons Why I Workout in the Mornings

I love working out, I really do, it puts me in a good mood, my body feels good & so much more. I have noticed that I tend to love working out in the morning, here are a few reasons why:

  1. No other distractions! Its the first thing I do in the morning so there are not people pinging me for work, people calling me, texting me blah blah blah. It also is the first thing I do so there are less distractions so I actually do the entire workout I intend to instead of making excuses.

  2. Forces a routine... it takes about 60 days to get a new habit. All I know, is working out in the morning is so so so easy for me to do. I just pop out of bed, throw on workout clothes and head out the door! Next thing you know, your internal clock is just getting up up and the body craves getting up and working out!

  3. More Energy, this is a great benefit to get your booty out of bed to workout! No more mid afternoon slumps, working out is an instant boost of energy that you need and you'll probably be more productive.

  4. Better mood, apparently people who workout in the am get a rush of endorphins. With that, you are carrying around less weight, and you'll be happy waling around all day knowing you kicked off the day with something good for you!

  5. Burns more fat, working out before eating will burn more fat than any other time. So get up and get sweating!

  6. Supports weight loss, yes this goes hand in hand with option 5. It's true! You get up and get the metabolism going first thing so your body will be burning more calories through the day than if you didn't workout first thing! Plus, when you are bored and want a snack you'll think about how hard you worked earlier in the day and probably not have that snack.

  7. Helps better sleep, well so they say. We all know I'm a bad sleeper so I'm not totally sure how accurate is but lets go with it for now. I do think, working out at night keeps your body into high gear when you should be winding down for the day. There are also have been studies done where it showed people who workout in the morning end up having a deeper, longer sleep than people who workout in the afternoon or evening.

  8. Less stress, working out releases endorphins and will help reduce built up tension. Getting rid of that first thing in the morning, will ensure you are going into the day with less built-up tension and pressure. Why wouldn't you want to start the day on a lighter note?

  9. If you are outside, there are less people around. In quarantine days like we are currently in, its just nice to be outside and not wear a mask. I will put on my mask if I pass by or am around people, in general, if I'm by myself, I wont wear it. Part of why I love my morning walks is simply because its time outside, by myself not wearing a mask...

  10. It's done. Literally as simple as that, the workout is done, its checked off for the day and one thing off the plate for the day that you accomplished.

Do you prefer to workout in the morning or evening?

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