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2021 Planner!

Last year I became all about writing everything down. It helped me feel more organized and hold myself accountable to what I am planning on doing. Last year, I got hooked on Cloth & Paper products, I ended up getting an A5 PVC planner from Amazon last year and filling it with a bunch of C&P.

This year I am doing it a touch differently, I am going to have two different ones! I am using the 2021 Spiral Bound Planner (I got it int he C&P November subscription box) to log my food, water, weight and workouts. In 2021 I really need to get my sh!t together with my body. I really want it to be a dedicated space for me to focus on my body. One of my goals for 2021 is to be more fit, to do that, I really need to pay attention to what I'm putting in my body and my workouts. I'll log my morning weight, what I eat each day, what I do to workout and my water intake. Having this dedicated space will free up room in my other planner to focus on other things.

My second planner is going to have a few different sections to it... I have switched from my loved Amazon A5 to the C&P A5 that I got in my December subscription box. I love that it has the black hardware and the loop closure.

This planner may not be perfect but it works for me and that's all that matters! I have a "The Harder I work, The Luckier I get" dashboard right in the front, it is a nice little reminder to myself to keep working my booty off!

After that, I have two pages of "pockets" In the pockets I keep a few things (Business cards, transparent dots in a few colors, page flags, and other random things). I use the transparent dots, to note days off of work, posts planned, what week it is and each event is a different color, it makes it so easy to notate everything!

**insert pic fo the misc, items?

Let's get into the meaty stuff. I use the Girl Gang dividers in the planner, each section has a cute way to go about the different sections. "The Grind" is first up, I keep three to six months of planning in here at a time (It all depends on how thick I want it to be). I use the monthly dividers and swap them out as the necessary. Inside of each month, I keep three different things...

  1. Monthly Habit Tracker, This came in one of the monthly subscriptions and I simply love it. I outline my four goals for the month: Water intake (I want 8 glasses a day), reading (I want to read 4 times a week), weight (I weigh myself every am, my goal for each month changes) and finally my workouts (this depends on the month as well). As silly as it sounds, I do think it helps hold me accountable of what I am tracking towards.

  2. Weekly Inserts with a Month Overview, I love the month overview, important dates, goals, "to-do" and the weekly breakdown. They really are great inserts. I use the monthly overview to plan out my different posts. Goals to simply write down my goals for the month. In the "to-do" section I write down the things I bought to keep track for my monthly post. I do write down important dates, when bills are due and my feelings of the month in the summary. Within each week, I do write down three priorities for the week and outline my week in posts, photos, writing and social events.

  3. Note paper, I love this grid paper. I use one side for each week. This is where I outline different things for each week. I start with my workouts and write that all in orange, blog posts in pink, blog to do's in green and generic things in black. It greatly helps keep me organized and on track,.

The next few sections of the planner are not as dense as "the grind".

Up next is "Socialite", I keep the Monthly Inserts in here and track all of my social things are written down in purple. I typically will write down when I do things with people, when my period comes, my workouts in this section. It's nice to look back and be able to actually see what I have done over a months time. And yes, I realize it sounds insane that I write down when I went on dates or saw friends.

"Inspo AF" is next up, that is exactly what I use it for. Going into 2021 I wanted to really write down what I wanted to do this upcoming year, trust me I am manifesting the $h!t out of this upcoming year. I have three top things I am manifesting, finances (I want to save more and invest), my body (I want to feel a particular way again) & love. I have the broader goals outlined but I also have used some color coded stickies to write ways to get there step by step. I also wrote a mini love note to myself to look back on when I am being particularly hard on myself.

"Mulah", I do keep a monthly budget in an excel tracker however, I also like to really track how much I am saving. That can be for little things like hair and nails or larger like saving for a downpayment...

"Girl Gang", I have little notes in here. Some inspo for my girlfriends, all of their birthdays and any particular things they like (bottles of wine, snacks) to have or keep on hand when they are over!

"Whateves", I literally have random things in here. Extra paper, laundry icons, time zones, digital declutter & a few other miscellaneous items.

Lastly, I do have some particular accessories I love...

I use the OliClip on the back section of my planner, I loop in an oil based pen (the oil base helps write on the transparent prices). I use these Bic Pens as the different colors when I am jotting things down. I have quite a few colors of the square transparent page flags, these actually fit perfectly over a day in the monthly layout as well as for just little note. The transparent page flags are also great, they are good as little markers or to write little notes on. Transparent stickies and the regular stickies, I use these for to do lists and reminders on a daily basis, plus how pretty are the colors. Blank tab stickies, I use these in the socialite section to note what month I am at, I also use them in my work notebook. Lastly, these transparent dots, I use different colors for different things (posts, what week it is & PTO). Cloth and Paper has a ton of different colors of each of these items.

**Table scape of pens and stickies.


What are some of your favorite goodies?

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