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Fashion, beauty, dating, cubicle & lifestyle tips as told by a young chic NYC blonde.

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28 Things About Me

It's my birthday!!! Thats right, the world has (sort of) survived another year with me! I talk a lot but I thought it would be fun to share 28 things about me for this quarantine birthday!!

1. I am ambivert.

2. The first concert I ever saw was Christina Aguilera

3. The first movie I saw in theaters was Lion King.

4. Spring is my favorite time of year. Between my birthday, the flowers blooming and the crisp weather you cant go wrong.

5. Reading is my favorite way to unwind at night (aside from watching Bravo).

6. I had an eating disorder that flared up my senior year of college.

7. I have a love hate with dating.

8. I give people more chances than I should & see the good in people (even when they don't deserve it)

9. I am absolutely obsessed with fashion, thank you Rent the Runway for helping my wallet!

10. I majored in sociology and have a double minor in business and computer science. Nerd alert!

11. I swam in college.

1. I I prefer hugging to shaking hands.

13. I love my sleep but I'd rather go to bed early and get up early than stay up late and wake up late.

14. I consider chocolate a food group.

15. I make my bed every single morning.

16. The first international trip I ever went on was to Paris with my mom for my 16th birthday.

17. My dream job is to run my own branding company.

18. My favorite part of the day is sitting and having coffee in peace

19. I can drive an automatic and stick-shift car.

20. I'm obsessed with Bravo.

21. My favorite colors are pink, blue, white & black.

22. I collect Starbucks coffee mugs when I travel.

23. I prefer sweet potato fries.

24. The only time I've ever gotten in trouble was when I almost got kicked-out of my study abroad program for maybe smoking weed.

25. I spent my summers lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons in high school & college. Always hustling.

26. I am a planner & I need to mentally prepare myself if I am around someone who likes to "just wing it".

27. I played the flute in middle school, only because they made us pick an instrument. Thankfully they only made us play for one year because I have zero musical talents.

28. I still have the bear my parents gave me when I was born

Since I'm a travel and smile addict, here are some of my fave pics...

Until next time,

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