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A Beautiful Rainbow of Jeans

For the longest time, I have kept my jeans in my bottom drawer. Forever, I have always had them stacked ontop of each other and four rows in the drawer (black, dark, light, white). Since my dresser is sitting in a closet and I cant really open the drawers all the way I needed to make sure I was seeing all my jeans. PLUS, COVID has not helped me wear a few different pairs of jeans a week!

First of all, do I really need all of these jeans (27 pairs to be exact), absolutely not... Do I have them, yes I do. So overall, I did go through them and sort through what I do and don't fit in. Since I wanted to see all of my jeans at the same time, I needed to make sure they were folded nice and tight! It turns out, it's not complicated at all to fold them nicely.

All you have to do is:

  1. Lay them flat.

  2. Fold them in half (so the logo on the back pocket is on the ground)

  3. Fold them in half again (I bring the cuff of the ankle to right below the waist band)

  4. Fold them in thirds!

  5. DONE!

Who knew it was that easy!? I certainly did not but I do love how amazing they all look sitting in my drawer. Take a look!

What is your favorite organizational hack?

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