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A&F Finds

I know, at 28 years old I can not believe Im saying this but I actually really like Abercrombie & Fitch. They really have turned themselves around the past few years, let me tell you. They are no longer the A&F logo plastered everywhere, mini denim skirts that look like belts... No, now they are back with an update to their branding, Ive actually found quite a few things I have worked into my everyday wardrobe...

Now these things range from cute dresses, bike shorts, jeans, sweaters & so much more! Last year I ended up getting a few cute wrap dresses and bike shorts. This year as I was on the prowl I was looking for thing that would easily slot into my closet as a few basics and fun pieces.

Obsessed with this overall outfit. Infact the Tank Bodysuit and these jeans on their own have been considered my "snack" outfit... I love these plus the sweater for the fall!
Go To Fall Outfit

The basics are super key for me right now, especially tops since people on video calls really only see from my chest up... So I ended up getting a few goodies the last time they had a sale!

  • Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans: These are PERFECT for me. My torso is super short so these end up fitting like high rise jeans on me (typically high rise jeans legit come up to my boobs...) Thankfully they have tons of mid rise options for me to go back and order again. (I have a size 26)

  • Leopard Puff Sleeve Cardigan: Not entirely sure what made me buy this. But Im so glad I did, it is so freaking soft and comfortable, plus I can picture it with a ton of outfits in my head. (I have a size M)

  • Seamless V-Neck Bodysuit: This is another solid piece. I have it in the dark brown but also ordered it in black and white because its such a great staple to have. (I have a size S)

  • Tank Bodysuit: This, I am obsessed with this, I only have it in black but really hope they come out with a few more colors. (I have a size S)

Im actually already looking for a few other things to add to cart and my wardrobe.

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