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A New Quarantine Routine

This quarantine has really pushed everyone to make adjustments to their "normal" day to day lives. Some are fortunate enough like me to be able to escape to the suburbs (of my parents house) away from the city and have a bit more space to do things. Being told we cant go out to drinks, go to work, meet up with friends & go pretty much anywhere has been a huge change for almost everyone I know. It took me a little over a week in quarantine to come to grips that this is going to last more than my fantasy 2-3 weeks. In that time, I was able to make a bit of a new routine for myself. I am a creature of habit and really need a routine for myself to really be as productive and happy as I can be during this time...

Monday through Friday are all pretty standard for me since I have to work during those days. Every morning, we have a morning meeting at 9 am for everyone in our New York office to connect.

During the week I am trying to get up at 6:30, yes I understand that sounds weird since I don't have to do anything until 9. I like to get up make my bed and get dressed to go workout. I workout using the Peleton app for now and try to do a split between spin and bootcamp classes during the week. I will do a quick 30-45 min class then enjoy a cup of coffee while I stop sweating. Once thats done, I jump in the shower and quickly throw on some clothes and makeup to look presentable for the team meeting. Since I do intermittent fasting where I don't eat from 8pm till noon, I am thrilled my morning is full of meetings to distract me. Most days I will plow through my work so I can be sitting down at noon to sit and have half a sandwich with some salad. After that I try and plow through the rest of the work for the day so I can help out with dinner. Ideally, after dinner I can sit and work on Cubicle to CEO Chic for a bit, if not I sit and watch some TV.

In summary, yes the week is boring I essentially:

- Wake up

- Work out

- Coffee (a million coffees)

- Shower and get "dressed" for work (see my quarantine makeup here)

- Work

- Lunch at noon

- Work

- Help prep dinner

- Post dinner watch TV & blog

Yes, I understand it seems "boring" but we don't have many options now and I have found some sanity in the mini routine that I have fallen into. My new "desk" is a few cookbooks in the kitchen and my ootd mirror is my parents linen closet. Until further notice I suppose that will be status quo for a while.

The weekends are a bit different. I do try and sleep in a bit. When I do get up, I'll go for a nice long walk with the dog and my coffee. It's a bit refreshing to get outside whenever I can. Once that's over, I try to sit and read or work on Cubicle to CEO Chic.

After that I'll do a quick 45 minute workout with the Peleton app, I love that the first 90 days are free! I have been loving the yoga, boot camp & spin workouts. Honestly, working out has been keeping me so sane in these uncertain times. Since we cant do anything super fun right now, post workout Ill grab some quick lunch, shower and maybe a nap! Once the nap is over, who knows what that brings! I usually will try and help mom with dinner.

Overall, in these wacky times, finding a bit of a new routine to slide into has been really helpful. Outside of a routine, exercising and working on Cubicle to CEO Chic have really been helping. I have maybe making too many purchases during this time, check out the post! What have you been doing to stay sane?

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