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A Week of Self Skin Care Love

We all know the work weeks get insane. That being said, I often will forget to take exceptionally good care of my skin during the week. Last week I knew was going to be more insane than normal. Knowing this going into the week was GREAT... Well from a planning side but I was also not looking forward to how insane it was going to be. I knew I wouldn’t be able to exercise or cook like I would like so I made a commitment to myself to do some self love with my skin. I told my self I was not only going to stick to my standard routine as well as do a little extra each day. the little extra didn’t have to be a lot like going and getting a facial, most of it was as simple as throwing on a mask while I went about working from home.

To start here is my non complicated everyday routine to get an idea of where the baseline is. In the mornings, I wash my face with the Neutrogina Hydro Boost. It is nice and refreshing in the AM and it will not take off the products I put on my skin at night, It just gets rid of any leftover makeup or impurities. When Im done with the shower, I end up putting on some First Aid Beauty with SPF, and DRUNK ELEPHANT C FIRMA 

 as well as the DRUNK ELEPHANT B HYDRA . I usually will pour myself some coffee as I let the products absorb into my skin. From there I just go about putting my makeup on for the day.

The “extra” care I decided to do each evening after I washed my face with some Tatcha Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder depending on the day. Yo be honest, some days when I get home super late I get too lazy to wash my face and just use a makeup wipe, go ahead and judge , I judging myself Doing it at night game me a little “treat” to look forward to when I got home, no matter how late it was.

MondayCold Plunge Pore Mask...This mask feels and smells sooooo amazingly good. It helps detox your skin, purify, smooth and it pulls pimples to the top of it. Just throw the mask onto clean dry skin and rock along with the day until it's time to wash it off.


Tuesday : Sehpora sheet brightening mask. You can’t go wrong with a solid sheet mask, I love letting the ingredients into my skin, usually I use my Jade Roller (I keep it in my fridge next to the butter) to help with that. Remember when using the jade roller, only roll up, it helps reduce puffiness and inflammation with your skin. Truth be told, apparently you should be using the roller every morning to get full results but I don’t right now in my life, I don’t have time for that.

Wednesday Fast Beauty Mask - SO a while ago I got a bunch of different Fast Beauty masks from Amazon. I have LOVED some of them but for some reason the one wasn’t great. The mask itself was thick, and didn’t want to stay on my face. I didn’t leave it on for long so I was sort of disappointed with this. I will continue using Fast Beauty products but I will not be repurchasing this specific mask again.

Thursday  Baggage Claim Under Eye Mask by Wander Beauty. I was out with some clients doing a whiskey tasting so i wasn’t in the mood to do anything. The under eye masks are honestly amazing, I swear the bags under my eyes aren’t as dark after I use it, I had these on after I washed my face as I was getting my life pulled together for the next day.

Friday green mask in the am before shower. You are supposed to do this about 2-3 times a week, honestly after doing a whiskey tasting with clients Thursday night, I needed the detox for my skin. I made my coffee, read for a little bit since  couldn’t sleep then hopped into the shower to wash it off,  After my extras I would continue with my6 normal night time routine of putting vaseline around my eyes, and mixing Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos™ Glycolic Resurfacing Night Serum with Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Antioxidant Face Oil and the Clinique ID it all feels nice and moisturizing  . 

 To be completely honest, I was super stressed last week, I had my period and work was absolutely insane. I needed to do some self love last week and I’m, glad I decided to focus on my skin. As the fall is creeping into the city, it is so important to remember to take good care of your skin. The last thing I want is to have some bad breakout, or have my skin looking tired and dull. Remember, one of the easiest things you can do for your skin is to drink tons and tons of water. 

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