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Abercrombie Finds January 2021

As a kid, I desperately wanted the denim skirt from Abercrombie. I wanted it so badly but my parents never let me have it, and rightfully so, no one should have been wearing those.

Since they rebranded a few years ago, I have been obsessed with the things they've been putting out and the price point plus the sales they have make it even better! I picked up a few things over the last month to what's going on!

I love a good graphic tee and statement pant so it's not a surprise that I am absolutely obsessed with this graphic tee and the belted faux leather pants from Abercrombie. First of all, this tee shirt is beyond soft, I am actually shocked at how soft it is. It's so soft I really want more of them. Plus, you can never have too many tee shirts and you can pretty much wear them with anything. The tee is only $35 and I got a size medium, I will be keeping my eyes open for Abercrombie to have more like this! Leather pants always put some hearts in my eyes. I had a hard time finding a pair that worked with my body (I have a short curvy torso) and I did not want to spend an arm and a leg on them since they are a trendy piece. I ended up getting the Vegan Leather Belted Ankle Straight Pants in a size medium for $85. They are super comfortable, don't make noises when you walk, easy to adjust to your waist size and super flattering. I know there are not many places we can go these days but you can easily use them to spice up any outfit and wear them with a sweater, tee, turtleneck, bodysuit. The possibilities are endless (as you can see I threw on a pair of heels just to see what wearing heels felt like again)....

Shackets are all the rage these days and to be honest, I get it. I have one from a classic menswear brand and wear it all the freaking time. I thought it was time to get an off white shacket (size medium down to $59 from $99)for when the spring starts to pop up and to just wear around the house. I love wearing the shacket with a plain or graphic tee and some leggings. Depending on the shacket you can also wear jeans!

I am all about cozy clothes these days. I saw this cropped hoodie (which clearly isn't cropped on me) and wanted to give it a try. It comes in quite a few colors and is normally $55 but I was able to get it on sale for $35. I wanted to get this neutral color (technically called light brown) and am obsessed with it! It is ultra soft and the coloring is amazing because ya know sometimes a camel color can wash a girl out. They also have great matching joggers that can go with it! Otherwise you can pair this hoodie with leggings, jeans or bike shorts.

A classic black blazer, something everyone should have in their closets. As it turns out, my old black blazer decided it was worn out and needed to retire. Instead of investing a few hundred dollars into a trendy blazer, I decided to snag this Double Breasted Blazer from Abercrombie. This was $72 and is a bit oversized. It is honestly perfect for a trendy piece. It will look great with a tee shirt, tank, button down (depending on how dressy you are looking to get) under it. It will definitely be in the rotation! I would suggest going a size down if you are not looking for an oversized look!

I also ordered a really cute long sleeved black dress for $47. Unfortunately, that item somehow did not arrive in the package with everything else and is lost in transit. I was really bummed because I think this could be super cute with a pair of OTK boots and tights in the winter.

Everything from this post is linked on the product shot below along with the size I ordered!

Would you try any of these pieces for yourself?

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