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Abercrombie Haul September 2021

Since I recently purged a bunch of clothes from my closet, I needed to invest in some new ones, over the net few weeks I'll share some recent things I've purchased!

The first round of purchasing I ended up doing was from Abercrombie. I know, I know, when I say Abercrombie you think skirts that are as small as belts, things that should be 2 sizes smaller than they are sized and a moose everywhere. Well, believe me when I tell you that they have changed and it is definitely for the better. This will be haul one of two from Abercrombie this fall! It doesn't hurt that they always have great sales going on!

Lets start with the bottoms, I recently gained a bit of weight (my doctor thinks its stress) and I was tired of squeezing myself into jeans that just were too tight and uncomfortable.

Mid Rise Boyfriend Jeans, are insanely comfortable. They are just a nice touch of casual chic. I have them in the only color they come in which is Ripped Dark Wash. They are comfortable, still give your booty a nice little hug and again, these are insanely comfortable! I ended up getting them on sale from $99 to $56!

Mid Rise Super Skinny Jeans, I got these in two colors, black & medium wash. I love their mid rise jeans, I am a short torso'd girl so high rise jeans literally go up to my tits. These hit right by my waist/belly button which is great. These were on sale from $76 to $56 and they are so so so soft! Not only are they soft but they are comfortable and hold their shape for hours!

Now onto the tops! I wanted some cute fun flirty tops that would give me a bit of confidence plus I saw a cozy sweater won my heart over!

Satin V-Neck Cami in Dusty Pink, this is super cute and chic. I got it in a size Large to account for um my chest... The color is absolutely amazing, the material is so soft (easy to wash) and the cute is super flattering. If you have a smaller chest you can totally wear it without a bra or some pasties! It comes in three additional colors and I can not wait to get them!I ended up getting this on sale from $39 to $22!

Satin V-Neck Crossback Tank, I had such high hopes for this top (especially the color) so I ordered it in a medium instead of a large... The color was amazing but I definitely needed to size up once. I ended up returning it but was able to snag it in a large for my next recap! The top was on sale from $39 to $22!

Waffle-Back Sweater in cream. This is honestly, a nice cozy simple sweater! Pair it with jean shorts, jeans or over a dress. There are so many different ways you can style this, it doesn't hurt at how crazy cozy the material is. I got this cozy guy on sale from $69 to $28.

What is your favorite piece from this haul?

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