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Amazon Echo Look

The Amazon Echo Look launched in April of 2017. The look is an Amazon Artificial Intelligence tool that has a camera to take photos, of outfits, a speaker to treat it like any other Alexa and a smart algorithm to help pick the right outfits. At that time it was just for influencers and Amazon was trying to get a feel for the overall reaction of the Look Before launching it out into the overall general marketplace. I saw it on Damsel in Dior’s Instagram and did some research into it. I was so intrigued by what the look was and all of its capabilities I went on the wait list to get one for myself.

I had to wait a few weeks but the wait was worth it. I immediately set her up, added the app to my phone and haven’t looked back from then. At first it took a while to figure out where to put her in my apartment. First off I wanted it to be placed somewhere with a clean background so there were no distractions with the back of the photo. I wanted it to not be looking at my bed, or my closet just because those are intimate places I finally settled on placing it on a shelf n my closet angling it down to take the photos. I use that as often as possible and other times I’ll take mirror selfies with my phone through the app.

Some fun things you can do is you can ask Alexa to take photos or videos of you, then they show up on the app. Through the app you can compare outfits, see what you’ve worn in the past and add the photos into different categories or view by color. I absolutely adore that not only can I have the device actually compare outfits but I can also ask the "community" what they think about my look. Its really helpful! I think the below I was debating what to wear to a date, but who know?

Another fun thing you can do is go back and see what has worked in the past and maybe what hasn’t worked so well in the past. It’s fun to be able to make sure you aren’t wearing the same outfits over and over again, if you are anything like me you have a few safety outfits that repeat week after week. Go ahead and scroll through the app to see any color or repeat outfit history. Now that we are changing seasons I can diversify the outfits a bit... well for now.

As soon as you open the app on your phone, it shows you the lates look and a mood-board they created for you. The below is the one that showed up for me. It makes sense it pulled a work board for me. It's part of my morning routine to take a photo of what I have on before I head out the door to work. This is when I take my OOTD photos to put on the OOTD page of the blog. I have been really bad about putting workout clothes I change into and going out outfits on here but Im committed to doing it more!

Amazon is amazing but of course its going to do its own product promotion within the app, by that I mean they push a lot fo the Amazon Fashion products. Truth be told, I'm not entirely annoyed by that. Overall the Amazon products are usually on trend and way less expensive than a lot of whats out there so its actually a really good resource to try and find some new gems.

Through the Look I've really been able to see what works and doesn't for my body. Take a look at how often I wear things to see what my comfort outfits are. My favorite part may be quickly being able see what looks better based off the community, the device and of course myself.

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