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Apartment Hacks

I have lived in a few apartments, each one seems like an upgrade from the past. Each apartment feels more and more like my sanctuary but how do I do that without doing things that may cause my landlord to hold back on giving me back my security deposit? Well, as I sit here reflecting about living in my current place for a year and how happy the space makes me, I want to share some of my favorite hacks for renting. Granted, each landlord has its own set of rules and some can be real pricks but here are some of my fave hacks:

  • Tub Shroom - Cleaning shower drains is my least favorite thing ever, for whatever reason I will without a fail gag while cleaning the shower drain. I got this great tub drain protector from Amazon. My tub has a pop up on it so I cant use a standard tub shroom. This will collect all the hair so once a week before I hop in the shower i will empty out the shroom. To keep it from getting super guynky, I toss it on the top shelf of my dishwasher once a month. If you don't have a dishwasher you can soak it in warm soapy water. This will save you from having a clogged drain and needing to call the landlord to take care of it.

  • Corner Shower Caddy - I have quite a few products I keep in the shower between my shampoos, conditioners, face washes & body wash. I wanted to get them off of the corner of my tub so it didn't look dirty and so I had more space. I knew I didn't want something that hung over the shower head and I wanted something temporary but sturdy. I stumbled upon this great corner shelf on Amazon and it was not only easy to install but really holds a LOT of stuff. Ontop of it, it came with a few extra hooks that I use to hang my face and body scrubbers. The best part is, because it can hang wherever, I was able to place it so it wouldn't bother me if I was gong to take a bath!

  • Command Strips - These are the real MVP's. I have used these to hang a ton of pictures up as well as a few other things. They can be super strong, you can hang up pics that are decently heavy. Not only will you not damage walls but you can shift photos around if you want to!

  • Magnetic Screen Door - I love this thing. I do not have a screen-door on my balcony and I love sitting with the door open during the day to let fresh air come in but I do not want bugs in. I found this on Amazon for a few bucks. It isn't the prettiest thing but It gets the job done and it will cause no damage to the frame of the door since it goes on with double sided tape.

  • Magic Erase - This is a holy grail product. I buy them in bulk, keep them under my sink and use them at least once a month. All you have to do is get it a bit damp and wipe down pretty much anything. I love using it on my walls, kitchen cabinets and especially where my feet hit by my counter. It feels like it gives the space a facelift.

  • Furniture Feet Pads - Furniture feet can so easily scratch up floors of apartments. I started noticing my bar stools were scratching the floors and needed to immediately stop that from happening. Now I have these pads under my bar stools as well as my TB stand and night table!

  • MEASURE MEASURE MEASURE before you drill holes into the walls. Trust me, you want to patch as few holes as possible when you do go to move out and you want things to look amazing while you are in the space. Only I notice it, but I screwed one of my pretty acrylic shelves in about a half centimeter than the other two. It drives me up a wall but I cant put another set of holes in. It makes me very sad.

  • Clean frequently - This seems like it should be common sense but for some reason, its not. Cleaning frequently will help keep your apartment feeling fresh but give you less to do when you eventually move out! Once a month, clean the molding around the floors, dust under the bar cart, clean out the fridge and do a nice wipe down.

Clearly I love cleaning but I swear these hacks help so much when you are getting ready to move! What are some of your favorite rental hacks?

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