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Apartment Update

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

About a month ago now I moved into my new space. It was a much necessary move and I couldn't be happier about it! So lets see... last update I gave my clothes were mostly away but I was finishing organizing and was waiting on quite a few pieces of furniture. As a quick reminder I did order almost everything through Havenly, the site helped me so much with finding pieces that fit my space, style and budget.

I finally got my full length mirror! Im keeping it here in the corner now, it does a great job covering some gross wires and my wifi router. To finish up covering the wires I have the great tote that stores a few crafts and an extra blanket. As well as a great vase and pampas on the way to go on the other side.

My media console!! Tell me this isn't dreamy. It is very girly, airy and just me. It did come damaged so I am not thrilled about that. I clearly got an open box from Wayfair and a few of the pieces were scratched and the box was very clearly repacked poorly. Because I worked with Havenly, I was able to work with them to sort it out. I sent a few photos over of how the pieces were scratched and I ended up getting a full refund on the product (which I was shocked at)! Overall, its fine though and I was able to put it together, I was more disappointed at how it arrived and the scratches. The Media Console is sold by Mercer 41 (they have a shop on Wayfair), it seems to be constantly out of stock so I am not quite sure how Havenly got it to me so quickly! I havent quite figured out if I want to hang my TV on the wall or not yet. I don't want to see any wires but I do love the way hanging the TV's looks, plus it will help me fill the wall space. On the console I just have a few coffee table books, candles and a cute box I got from Copenhagen.

The poufs are also great. They are called the Wool Wrap Natural Poufs, They honestly are a great accent piece, so comfortable to put my feet up on or sit on when I have a few friends over. The rug, I've had from my childhood room at my parents house but works perfectly in this space.

The coffee table is also from Wayfair. It was a great find on sale! It was super easy to put together and I love that it has two different levels to it. You know, gotta find places for my coffee table books. The top is actually a wrapped wood so the heavy part is the mirrored glass on the bottom level. There are side tables that you can get to go with it as well!

The couch and pillows are all pretty old. The couch is from Wayfair, my parents actually gave it to me when I moved into my last apartment. Its honestly super comfortable, the back pillows don't come off but the bottom ones can and they velcro in (no slipping). I am not sure what company its from but I love the nail head detail and as much as I would love a white couch, the grey works great for me right now!

Bar area, this was a bit tricky for me. I figured I'd be working form this area a lot so I needed the stools to be comfortable! My mom and I ended up finding these at Home Goods! They ate a light grey so they definitely go with the nice airy theme I have. Plus, the nailhead detail matches the nailhead's on my couch and headboard. My Bar Cart is from Overstock, it fits nicely into the space I have for it. I have most of my booze and some cute little things on there for fun.

My etagere is a bit of a unique one. It actually was an old neighbors gardening shelf for their garage. I took it, cleaned it and spray-painted it the color it is now! I keep it organized the same way it was in my last apartment. Top shelf has a tray with lotions, candles & perfumes on it plus a table lamp. The second shelf I have a few coffee table books, magnifying mirror, Jonathan Adler Secrets Jar and all my makeup organized nicely. The third shelf just has a few books, Cult Gaia Arc bag & a cute straw hat. The bottom shelf I have some pens/sharpies, my makeup bag for when I travel, my napping blanket and a few hats. I think its a great easy way to keep a few of my things organized. I did play around with the idea of getting a clear acrylic leaning ladder but why do that when this works fine. The best hack I have with the etagere (since the shelves are slats), is to get clear desk liners from Amazon, they come in so many sizes & are a great lifesaver.

My Bed aka my sanctuary. I have always been a huge fan of the principal that your bed & bedroom should be your sanctuary. Now that my entire apartment is my bedroom (whoops) it overall is a very peaceful vibe for me. I am still working through things (as you know) but am very happy that my sleeping area is essentially separated from my living area. My duvet cover Trina Turk and I'm obsessed with it. The headboard is from Wayfair and a light grey color with the nailhead accents (similar linked). My bench is one of my favorite things, I love putting my pillows on them at night and its just so useful in general (similar linked). The night stand is super simple as well, I keep the other of the lamp set on there as well as a few easy jewelry dishes, lotion and a few other things.

I am still figuring out a few things, like some additional wall art on the same wall as my TV, maybe something above my night stand and I need a floor lamp or something since there are no overhead lights in the general living area.

I liked most of the major items above but here are a few more links for a few items!

Brass Planter 10"

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Cement Planter 10"

Corn Plant

Collapsable Side Tables

Frambridge Frames (above my bar cart) 15% off with link

Set of 5" Planters

8" White Ceramic Planter

ZZ Plant

6" pink & Grey planters

Jonathan Adler Vice Jars

Glass Straws

Softy Straws

USB lighter

Let me know if you guys have any questions or need any more links!

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