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Apartment Update January 2021

As we all have our first few apartments, it is easy to just collect old things from friends and family members. After a while, and when you are financially stable, it feels good to make a few upgrades. I recently did a few that just feel really right...

First up, a matching set of dinnerware! I know it sounds wild and for the longest time I had a matte black set from Amazon. They were great and served their purpose but it was time to get a mini facelift with them and a set that really matched my overall vibe. I traded in the matte black for this beautiful rose set. These are from West Elm and I got them on a 30% off sale from the Organic Porcelain Dinnerware Collection. Plates are probably not something I would pay full price on so I'm glad they were 30% off. I ended up getting 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 soup bowls and 4 low bowls. I feel so chic in my apartment with these and I really loved the price.

I feel like a big girl in my chic apartment with this set of goodies. I also have upgraded my silverware from what my parents handed down to me, to a chic set of gold silverware. This is another example of where I got two sets of eight so I have enough. Each set has twenty pieces in it. They hold up really well in the dishwasher and look great!

Entryway table. This is something that is definitely not applicable to every apartment. For example, my last apartment had no room or need for this. My current apartment, for a while I was using old wine crates to hold a few things ontop of. This got really old for me and I hated seeing the clutter. I love walking into my apartment, dropping my keys on the table, having my masks in a drawer and seeing how I styled it!

My apartment for some reason has no overhead lighting in the living area. The only overhead lights are by the entry, kitchen, bathroom hall and bathroom. It is really frustrating, especially as I am on video calls to feel like I am a floating head with a dark apartment. I got these two amazing floor lamps from Amazon that make all the difference! I have them on both sides of my couch, they give off a great amount of light. I don't feel like I am tanning and I don't feel like my eyes are straining for more light.

Fresh Flowers, I have always said that fresh flowers brighten up a space. I don't always have fresh flowers around but when I do I truly think they brighten up the space. They add a level of hominess and comfort to the space. I also love having fresh eucalyptus in the apartment, they smell so amazing and do such a great job at adding a touch of green. Having those as well as some pampas and plants scattered across the space really adds a nice touch of having a finished look.

Plants and planters really liven up a space as well. I had so much fun curating the different planters over time, they are mostly neutral tones. I have three stunning ceramic 10" planters, they come in a ton of colors and quite a few sizes. I use those for my larger plants & the rest of my plants are scattered across my windowsills. They really brighten up the place, plus plants are good for your health.

Gallery Wall, this was tough to finally pull the trigger on actually hanging it up but its so refreshing to be able to look at! I have everything linked in a separate post but I was able to do it on such a great budget. Everything is from Amazon and so much more affordable yet still looks nice.

I also added two new photos to my collection, they are both Vintage Ken and Barbie. I stumbled upon this photographer while walking around SoHo a few years ago. I got two 13" x 19" prints and ended up getting frames from Frame It Easy. I have the "Sunday Breakfast" print up in my kitchen and the "You're So Vain" up in my bathroom. I absolutely love them both and think they really finish up the rooms. I went with Frame It Easy for the frames for a few reasons. First of all, these prints are only $30 so I did not want to spend another $150 each on a frame through Framebridge. You can go to Frame It Easy and pick the size of the photo you are framing, if you want a mat, frame color. It is so easy its insane and trust me, it is totally worth it!

What are some of your favorite home upgrades?

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