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Fashion, beauty, dating, cubicle & lifestyle tips as told by a young chic NYC blonde.

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Woohooo, spring is here, Q1 is done and all things are looking up! This month is all about enjoying life, having fun and getting back on track!

  • Making an effort once a week to see friends! It is so easy for me to get content and to be comfortable sitting watching Bravo and going about my daily routines. I am making an effort to get together with friends at least once a week! We are starting off by going to the Yankees x Red Socks opening game!

  • Taking care of myself. This is another one that is easy to neglect. It's easy for me to order food, not want to workout and get sucked into work. Im going to focus on:

  • Treating myself to coffee once a week

  • Exercising for 45 minutes a day (Peloton, going for a walk, you name it!)

  • Two blog posts a week.

  • Listening to my body

  • Have fun! Im going to just enjoy myself and let a bit loose this month. I'll be thirty at the end fo the moth and I just want to enjoy myself for now. Have fun, laugh and not take life too seriously.

Off for a nice walk & to pickup a coffee!


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