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August 2021 Goals

Gosh, have the past few months been interesting or what. I have some pretty baseline goals for this month to get myself back on track!

Habit Tracker: Continue to use the habit tracker every single day! I have four habits laid out that I track every day: my water intake (8 glasses a day), time spent on Cubicle to CEO Chic (200 mins a week), Weight (I have a goal and like to see how I fluctuate) & workouts (5 a week). Trust me, it seems like it should be simple but can get quite tricky when the days get busy.

Manifest: Things have not been all sunshine and rainbows lately. But I want to keep manifesting good things to come. I had some generic things I was manifesting but I got much more specific lately, its all about the specifics with manifesting thats for sure.

Clean out the Closet: Thats right, my work is talking about a return to work so I want to get rid of the old and bring in the new. Im going to be doing an entire post on the company ThredUp soon but I am excited to clean out my closets and not just throw everything away.

last but not least, have fun! The last few months I've been chained to my work desk, have hardly taken time for myself, looked for a new job, worked on Cubicle to CEO Chic and focused on having carefree fun. I actually have a trip booked for the end of the month to see my main squeeze & my man friend is coming with me!

What are your August goals?

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