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Avocado Seed Update

Well, a while ago I decided I wanted to try and grow an avocado tree out of the seed, you may remember that from my video here

You know, because I watched a YouTube video and a coworker did it, I decided I could as well. Well, it turns out maybe not. I'm not sure what I did wrong but my Avocado seed did not grow. I didn't change water every day but I wasn't supposed to so who knows what the real deal was on this. I'm going to blame it on the fact that it was a tiny avocado from the off season.

So whats the update on my avocado seed growth? I'll be starting from square one again. I do wonder if it's because I was keeping it in the kitchen and it needs to go on the windowsill? Who knows, Overall I do know it takes about 3 months before you can plant it, once its planted you need to trim it when it gets to be 12 inches tall and there is a lot of maintenance with it.

Has anyone else tried to grow an avocado tree?

Until next time,

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