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Bath Time!

Ugh, I have never really been a bath girl, but with all of the current stress and lack of things to do, why not get into it? One of my girlfriends insisted I take a bath to try and relax, turns out, she was right! It felt so relaxing to get into the bubble bath with some candles and just sit and relax. Sometimes I will watch a TV show or listen to a podcast, it really depends on my vibe that day. As it turns out, baths are actually pretty good for you, here are a few benefits!

  • Elevate your mood.

  • Help you sleep better

  • Relieve muscle pain

  • Can make your heart healthy

  • Burn Calories

  • Relieve cold and flu symptoms

  • Soothe irritated skin

  • Help you relax

  • Help you feel more awake

Anyway, I know those benefits are all based off of the water temperature and what you add to the bath. So here are some (not all) of my favorites:

  • Tray, this one is a fun one. If you have a tray in the bath with you it makes it so much easier to add a glass of wine or a cup of tea to the tub. Set down an iPad or phone to watch a show or listen to a podcast. It really makes a huge difference and is super convenient.

  • Pillow, I never thought I'd say this but I love having a little pillow to lay back on and really just relax. It makes a big difference from leaning against a hard tub.

  • Bubbles, I am a big fan of a bubbly bath. Its nice to cover yourself up in a little bubbles and it just feels so luxurious.

  • Salts, Until 2021 I have never used bath salts but they can add a level of relaxation to your bath. Depending on the variant they can help induce sleep, relax muscles & so much more.

  • Candles for mood, Im a huge fan of those large 3" base pillar candles. They come in tons of colors and sizes but they do a great job at setting quite a mood.

Ever since I started taking them, I feel so much more relaxed. It feels amazing to get into a bath with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. Getting out feels so relaxing to quickly rinse off, throw some pajamas on and crash for the night.

It is easily one of my new favorite ways to unwind. What are some of your favorite ways to unwind?

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