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Bathroom Subscriptions

I never thought that I would have a subscription to my bathroom products. Here we are, it's almost 2020 and I love all of my bathroom subscriptions. I started out slowly, first with shampoo and conditioner as a project for work. That was about two years ago, now I have four subscriptions for some bathroom products and not only is it convenient, but it also saves me money!

Here is the low down on what I use and why you should too...

- lola: Tampons are a pain in the ass to remember to shop for. The boxes they come in are boxy and I feel like some people throw shade now for anyone who doesn't use a DivaCup. I am not ready to go that route, so instead I started ordering from Lola. Lola is an all organic tampon and you can customize the size and number of tampons you get in the box. Lola also has lube, condoms. pads, panty liners, freshie wipes & essentially anything sexual health oriented they have it. Cats out of the bag on Lola and I am 100% obsessed with it. Use code "FIRST25" to get 25% off your first order. Trust me, you will not regret it. Every month I get a box of the compact plastic applicator tampons ($10), some freshie wipes ($10) and every month. It is soooo much nicer to have these just show-up at my doorstep once a month than to have to go out and remember to pick up these items.

- Quip: How long do you brush your teeth for? 20 maybe 40 seconds? Well, Quip will help you brush for a full 2 minutes. Quip vibrates for 2 full minutes and every 30 seconds the vibration does a quick pause so you can switch the quadrant of your mouth that you are brushing. I hav a cute copper metal handle, I did not get the toothpaste but I did pre-pay for the next year or refills (plus that saved me %20 on refills) for a total of $57. Every 3 months I have a quip brush head and AAA battery delivered. This helps so you are replacing the brush head every three months which is what most dentists recommend. The replacement battery is great too! I haven't actually ever run out of battery but I do replace it along with the brush head every time I get a new one. I actually look forward to brushing my teeth every morning and evening now. I know I'm getting a good solid brushing, my dentist is happy with my teeth. For a free refill click the link here or go ahead and use code XNZW2W6X during checkout.

- billie: On average how much do you think you spend a year on razors? Honestly don't do the math, it will sicken you. Instead, head to the Billie website! They don't charge you the pink tax. Yes I am sure you have seen these ads all over instagram, to be honest, I did too and thats why I initially bought the product. I spent $9 for a razor, a magnetic holder for the shower and two blades. From there I get four blades shipped to me every two months. Click here for a referral code. Trust me, go pick a cute color that will sit nicely in your shower.

-Function of Beauty: Yes, it is another custom pull from a cute small company. Here is the twist, the customization actually works. I started using FOB as research for work but after my first week using it, I was converted! Ever since then, I get an 8oz shampoo and an 8oz conditioner delivered to my door every 3 months for $39. Since I don't actually go through all 8oz in 3 months I actually just switched to 16oz containers for $49 to have that delivered every 6 months. Overall, yes this is a bit more expensive than the big bottle of TRESemme you can buy at CVS. Trust me when I say it is so worth the extra money. Not only is it delivered right to your door, it doesn't have any of the nasty products, you a customize your hair goals (I want heat protection, reduce brassiness, color protection, and shine), and they smell soooo good. If you click here you will get $5 off your first order. Don't forget, they also have the cutest little travel kits, combs, and other hair treatments, check out the photos below.

Yes, overall some of these products I invested in out of laziness. Especially since a lot of these things are sold in most stores. On the flip side, I did the math and using these subscription services is saving me over $1,000 a year! Im only spending $1,200 on tampons, $57 on my toothbrush, $54 on shaving (woah) and since I just switched $98 on my shampoo and conditioner. Every single one of these products exceeded my expectations on how it held up and performed. PLUS it made my bathroom a much prettier to look.

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