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Beach Time!

I love the beach, normally I'll be down the shore at least two times a month. Unfortunately during corona it was a bit more difficult to get down the shore. I finally got to go hangout with my cousins family at their house in LBI for the weekend. It was way overdue, I laughed so hard I cried. Overall I really thought it was going to be such a hassle to go to the beach...

Turns out it was way easier than I thought! Thank fully my aunt and uncle are literally a block away! Honestly, I was so worried about the fact that I may need to wear a mask that I forgot about all of my normal beach stresses. We slapped on masks to head to the beach so on the walkway we weren't passing by others. We easily found a spot right up front to plop ourselves at a safe distance and could enjoy the beach. Im shocked dat how easy it was.

The only thing I wasn't in love with is still how crowded the water by the lifeguards was but oh well. I did go and dunk. The weather was honestly so nice and breezy that under the shade it was almost cool. The weekend was really perfect, minus a bit of a sunburn...

All weekend I wore a Solid & Striped suit, some good ol' Coppertone sunblock and SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen. Honestly I should've used more of the SuperGoop PLAY SPF 30 mist while on the beach to reapply. I just have such issues with mist... I feel like I always miss.

Hopefully there are more beach days ahead!

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