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Below Deck Med S05 E01 (I Like Big Boats & I Cannot Lie)

Let's go Below Deck! This season we have a powerhouse of women leaders and I', sure we are going to stir up some serious drama. We have some returning cast members and some newbies, let's see how they all play together!

They are anchored in Majorca as the crew starts to arrive.

Hannah, Chief Stew a returning member has had some issues at the end of last season. She's not passionate about yachting but its the job for now. She can be hard on the stews and can pick favorites. She and the Bosun do not get along great from the last charter they were on three year sago.

Kiko, Chef. He's new to the Below Deck! He's from southern brazil, most of the times chefs are under a ton of pressure, long hours and can stir up some serious drama!

Malia, Bosun. She has worked with Sandy three years ago and she kicked some serious ass. She's way more serious now and she's trying to figure out if shell stay out of boat-mance this season. She and Hannah will room together...

Pete, deckhand, he is very clearly from Boston and seems to have no issue wanting to give Malia some pointers and is 27 with an 8 year old.

Lara a second stew, she speaks Italian, she's been a chief stew in the past so let's see how she and Hannah get along.

Jessica, she's worked on boats before, and has done a few other jobs as well. She seems like a bubbly personality that I'm sure the boys will be after. She and Alex know each-other from a previous boat

Rob the deck hand is super sexy.

Alex, deckhand, also steamy.

You can read more about everyone on the crew here.

Now all the pleasantries are over, Sandy is definitely hardened from the last season where people lied on their CV, weren't motivated and were insubordinate.

Malia, lays down the law quickly and wants to keep egos out of this. She lets them know she's super experienced and doesn't want to f^ck around. Pete is the lead deckhand but calling her sweetheart isn't going to win any points. Hannah has a quick meeting with the stews. She lays out responsibilities and what the priorities are for the season, aka she wants to impress Sandy with the table presentation. As they are dealing with prepping the boat, Hannah and Lara already have a language barrier in communication about beer, this could be a long season. It seems like it took them a long time to clean the deck and organize the boat. its 16 hours to go and they still hav a lot to do. As they knock off for the night, it turns out Hannah and Malia both have long term boyfriends! Im so glad Hannah has a serious boyfriend & I think its good the two head b^tches can b^tch to each other about their crew.

Its charter day! The first guests are a Seattle based start up founder, his sister for her birthday and friends! Going through their boat, its so much bigger and nicer than the last one Hannah was on. I cant believe ow much there is to all of these boats. We get off to a bit of a rough start with Alex letting the wrong line go but thats okay we can recover from that without guests knowing. What cant be saved is slow or bad food. Seems like they weren't super impressed with lunch so he should get his act together.

Time for toys! We know from previous seasons pulling out all the toys is such a b^tch so its nice when they actually use them. I love how Jessica is out taking selfies as Hannah is telling Lara to do turndowns this charter (which is typically a lower level job). Hannah doesn't want the competition and thats clear, she clearly doesn't love the second stew challenging her and Lara doesn't like whats going on.

I think we are off to an exciting season since we can already see some ripples in the water...

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