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Below Deck Med S05 E02 (Can't Touch This!)

Last week we met the crew members for this season I and can sense some tensions brewing! The men are calling Malia the bosun "sweetheart", Hannah is has to put her second stew in place. They are off the coast of Spain, have a beautiful boat and now let's continue on with the first charter.

After some disrespect from Lara, Hanna decides to have her knock off early so she can do breakfast set up. Not smart to disrespect the chief stew, you've gotta play the game. In the cabins, Malia is chatting with her beau who is on e boat & some of the boys are getting into a bromance in their bunk. The charter guests are chilling playing some drinking games and are very chill. Hannah is done cleaning up around three am so she's sleeping when Lara and Kiko are up for the breakfast. Lara thinks she's going to be a champ at this but she's got to ask the guests what kind of eggs they want, even Jessica the third stew knows this. Laras service isn't great, the eggs get cold fast, they need to be run fast. I would not want to work with or work for Lara, I think its hysterical that Kiko is just giggling the entire time.

Aw, I loved learning about Rob and how he wanted to help his mom recover from her alcoholism so he was running drugs to the airport to get money to send her to rehab. Once Hannah is awake, Kiko spills the tea on what happened during morning service with Lara's attitude. Kiko is all about just having Lara do cabins. Jess confirms the attitude that happened during breakfast, it's not looking great for Lara. Malia, is pushing hard to impress Sandy, she wants to be in Sandys shoes one day. The guests seem super cool and chill. They want to go have fun, play games like icing each other. The crew seems to vibe well except for Lara... she seems to have an issue with everyone and everything. Maybe she should stick to making pretty designs with the towels on beds.

Oh boy, Lara is sucking up with Sandy to be on service next charter. Granted, the captain shouldn't be aware of all the little tiffs that happen. It is nice to see the guests actually playing with al l of the different toys. I do feel for Malia trying to be stern without seeming like a total b^tch when telling the guys what to do. Its nice Malia has the respect of most of the crew, she just have to talk to Pete about it. Hanna on the other hand, is being forced to be a total bitch with Lara and Lara just doesn't get it. The deck crew cant even figure out what Laras name actually is.

Time for the birthday dinner! It looks like they are putting some Smirnoff into the centerpiece to ice the entire table, but the table does look elegant. The captain is joining the guests for dinner tonight is chic Mexican food. Poor Kiko forgot captain was sitting with them at the table, oops. The biggest downfall, is when Sandy gives Kiko a heart attach about the steak not cutting, turns out she just had butter knife. Meanwhile, the carrot cake looks stunning, Lara is cleaning cabins and the deck hands are farting.

The next day starts, and Lara decided to sleep in an hour. Malia finally stands up to Pete and I'm glad she did! She should have a while ago anyway he needs to respect her just like he would any guy in that position. You can tell she was a bit stressed having them dock the boat the first time but to be fair thats a very stressful thing to have ot do and everyone needs to be confident in their place.

Gross, Peter starts to try and flirt with Lara,. They can go hangout together thats totally fine as long as she doesn't try to flirt with Rob. The crew celebrates their first successful charter, they all have things to work on but they all walk away with 1,500 Euro. Little miss Hannah goes up to Sandy to talk about Lara. Sandy totally sees Laras negative energy but gives Hannah some pointers on how she can talk to her about it. So Hannah gives it a try and Lara already walks in so rude and negatively. Its so bad Hannah pulls Sandy to be a part of that conversation but I guess we/ll see that next week...

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