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Below Deck Med S05 E04 (Ace of Stew Face)

Last week crazy Lara quit, Pete cried about it and the crew seemed in good spirits. Now that charter is over we have a new stew to the boat but not a new stew to Hannah. We also know that Peter has since been fired from Below Deck Med for racist instagram posts and they are working on editing him out or to be a limited presence on the show. I am not sure when we will start seeing those impacts.

Here we are, episode 4 ready to rock and roll sans Lara and hopefully no more "sweetheart" talk. I like that Captain Sandy lays down the law on how the boys should behave, Pete doesn't even realize he's calling her sweetheart. Now poor Jess is feeling the wrath from Hannah. The deck crew is quickly setting up while the guests are taking a tour. They are also heading up against the weather. Hannah is irritated that they set up a pic-nick and poor Kikos first pic-nick, thankfully the guests quickly finished the food before the rain started.

Back at the boat. I like that Rob pulls Malia aside to talk to her about the morning meeting with Sandy. Malia lets Rob know he's very respectful and the meeting wasn't directed at him at all. Jess goes on break till 6pm, she and Rob flirt a bit. Hannah is really leaning into the Kid story line right now, which we know now she's due in a few months!

I feel like Hannahs frustration this charter is due to the lack of a second stew, then I flash back to previous seasons and realize she always picks someone out. Even though Pete isn't the best on the crew towards Malia, he is super cute with kids. It's not fair for Hannah to complain about Jess at this point, she was supposed to be third stew now they both have a lot more pressure on them.

Finally time for the guests to go and play with some water toys! Just in time for the weather to still not be great... Gosh, I think id be so boring on a yacht Id feel too bad to make them put the toys out. Earlier in the episode Jess lost her nice dress, turns out they were in a pile on her bed. As sandy works on docking the boat, the guests are watching and the wind is blowing insanely hard but they do it!

Hannah doesn't know theres another stew coming on yet but she does let Sandy know they need another stew. The guests leave, they tidy up a bit and head over to their recap meeting. Turns out, BUGSY is coming back! Bugsy is the second stew who told Hannah she's a lousy chief stew, plus now that she's a chief stew I wonder how they'll interact. It wont help that Malia and Bugsy are good friends... Hannah is not thrilled at all. Time for a night out, the girls are trying to figure out if Rob has a girlfriend he does but they don't know it yet. It's cute to see Malia all dressed up since she's always in her deck clothes. You see Pete and Alex trying to creep on some women but in funny way. I think its cute that Malia talked to Hannah about Bugsy coming and how she doesn't want it to change their relationship. I always forget that Alex and jess worked together in the past. He knows Rob has a girlfriend and that Jess wont make the first move. Turns out Kiko walks in on Jess and Alex kissing each other. whats going to happen!? Well, they cuddled, we know that much, fingers crossed it doesn't get too awkward.

Looks like Bugs rolls up and she is dressed super cute. Malia runs over to her and Hannah is still apprehensive.

Next time, we see a new charter and Bugsy hops on board! Looks like the guests are big partiers and want to bring some others back on board and seem like ass holes. . At lest they have a puppy...

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