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Below Deck Med S05 E05 (Bringing The Thunder)

Last week, we finished off a charter with two stews and brought on Bugsy! That is sure to stir the waters with Hannah. We see Jess snuggle up real nice with Rob and Peter not realize he calls Malia "sweetie". This episode is bound to be an exciting one...

To be honest Bugsy clearly wore her personality. She has a lot going on with the hair clips, outfit, accessories, oh this is going to be interesting for sure. Bugsy going back to being a second stew is not ideal for her but I imagine the paycheck from the boat and Bravo make up for it. She makes the rounds saying hi to everyone and seems very okay when she says hi to Hannah letting her know she's here to help out. Although, there is a ton of personal damage between the two, they just need to figure out how to work together.

Malia is gong trough some operational things with the boys (Pete seems bored and I'm not sure if thats editing making him look bad). During that time Hannah is taking Bugsy through the boat and showing her where everything is. I love that jess strategically knows that as long as Hannah hates someone more than her shell be fine.

The charter guests this charter do not seem like they are going to be an easy crew. Everything from the guest maybe wanting to go visit his dog on shore, to wanting to bring people back to party to the tasting menu, this should be interesting.

Maybe what Hannah dislikes most about Bugsy (aside from knowing she is a good chief stew and the personal things) is that she is bomb at table decor, an area Hannah super struggles at. Hopefully they can find a way to get along and not have drag out painful petty fights on the boat.

Honestly, the dog is so cute and its a bummer he cant stay on the ship. I do think, I would cancel a charter I was paying for if it was supposed to rain as much as it was. Seems like sine they kick off with shots of Belvedere they'll be fine. Bugys is doing a fab job catering to the guests so far but everyone is hustling to be able to figure out how to keep the guests entertained. The deck crew is pulling out Poker for the guests, looks like Alex has a crush on Bugsy and used some college poker money to pay his tuition. While Pete is texting Lara... oy, lots of boat-mance happening. One guest and his oysters, he's being an ass he didn't put Oysters on his pref sheet, even if he did theres no need to be a huge tool.

Rob is so stinking cute and respectful asking Malia if he can do any more and how he's doing. He and Alex have been super respectful. I know Kiko isn't the best with timing but with a group like these guests, he really needs to be on it. The one guy Kiko talked to about the menu seems very nice, hes the primary charter guest Justin. These guests, well the one is so beyond rude I cant handle it but they seem to have an obscene amount of money going to Japan for a bday party, off to Vegas just because and so on. I wonder if they look at these episodes and think they acted gross. ITs 3 in the morning and the guests are done clubbing for the night.

Not only is he rude asking Hannah to pick them up, but he brings a ton of additional people back to continue partying. Hannah and Alex are working it trying to keep them happy. Four of the additionally head off the boat. The one guy who talked to Kiko about the menu seems super nice and reserved when it comes to being rude, I think hes the main charter guest. By the time Hannah and Alex get to bed its after 6:30 in the morning.

When the rest of the crew is getting ready to head off the dock to go play with some water ties and things. Unfortunately, due to the weather, and a guest wanting to go for a walk they had to abort the departure. Pete, per usual, couldn't help himself but be rude and sarcastic, he doesn't seem to realize it which seems like a big him issue. The guests are getting up and looking for breakfast and something to do. They are doing a massive toy island for them and will do a cute lunch picnic on the beach. Do I need to get on their level and start drinking some rosé with breakfast? Its so interesting to me that the main guest is so nice and chill but his friends are total ass wads...

Looks like Hannah is warming up to the fact of having Bugsy as a second stew, she needed it! She isnt warm to the idea adding four additional guests to lunch and dinner and post dinner. The same people from the night before make a triumphant return on the boat. At least the dog Scout is also joining them for the fun water day ahead, he looks super cute in his life vest. Looks like there is a bit of a slip up and there is no glass allowed on the beach so security told Sandy they have to get off. Not a great day for them either. Although they do have a ton of sick water toys, Scout looks a little uncomfortable on a surf board...

Next week we see Kiko try and pull off the six course dinner for 12, Bugys and Alex get a little comfortable with each other as well as Jess and Rob.

I cant wait to see how it all unfolds...

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