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Below Deck Med S05 E06 (Oh Snap!)

Let's see, last week we left off with Bugsy back on board. The guests havent been the easiest to deal with this charter, they bring back extra people and some of them are quite rude. We had some flirtations between Rob & Jess as well as Alex and Bugsy. We also had some additional attitude from Pete and some struggles to hit timing from Kiko.

The guests are looking to get back to the boat but Malia is with the main charter guest Justin and the doggy. Everyone is finally back on board, Kiko is trying to cook his six course tasting for 12 people... That's a lot of plates. Its so interesting because Justin the main charger guest seems so chill, I still don't get why he hangs around with people who are so rude. Everyone is really moving and working hard to be sure the guests are happy, I do like that Malia talks to Pete when she was calm to just let him know why she doesn't appreciate his extra sass. Poor Kiko is freaking out a bit about serving 12 people with provisions for 8. Alex wants jess to find out if Bugsy is into him or not, it's cute.

I really like that when Bugsy is setting the table, she calls jess up to see if she wants to learn. She really is very nurturing and calm with showing people how to do things. No wonder she's a good chief stew. Hannah does keep just saying "I'm glad to have a strong second back" and it's sort of an awkward power play. Poor Pete, his first girl left the boat, now Bugsy thinks he's gross.

Time for the six course dinner. Finally the guests get their oysters with an amazing topping and it looked amazing. Thank god they liked it but of course complains that theres only one oyster... Kiko is killing it so far with the guests, they are all super excited, and everyone is working together so far (we have people serving, tweaking the plates, washing plates), captain Sandy is super excited about all of it. Oh my goodness, the food coming out of the kitchen is mouthwatering, somehow he's managed to do 6 courses from 6 different countries (France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Japan & USA. He plated everything, it was timely, everyone worked together and he got a big round of applause from the guests at the end. Im so glad he not only pulled it off but pulled it off with flying colors. They served this over an hour and a half period of time.

After dinner, a lot of the crew still goes to bed. Hannah is stuck making ramen & grilled cheese. Rob is stuck watching them in the hot tub. Finally at 4AM Hannah and Rob can head asleep. The primary charter guest is the first one up before 7:30, again, I think he's fun but not super into the partying and hey if you wanna go on a date, call me. Breakfast although it seems chill but annoying they have all their choice of meal. Pete, is trying too hard with Bugsy. No Pete, she isn't flirting with you, she actually thinks you are gross. It's time to take a beat back and just let it go. Just because Jess and Rob clicked so easily doesn't mean you have to jump into something too.

Time for the guests to leave, which means lets see what the tip is and time for them to clean up and let loose. But for real Justin, we are both in NYC, call me... Okay, so apparently the tip was 3k lower than average, the crew busted their asses but they didn't leave shore. Trying to figure out whats going on with Rob and Jess, Hannah is right, Jess should just ask about the girlfriend. Malias boyfriend is coming to visit soon, I hope we get to meet him. Time for the crew to go out for a bit.

Looks like Bugsy has been single for a while now, but she knows she's into her career so oh well. I do think that Pete does think he's a gentleman, and he does do some gentlemen things like make sure the girls are served first, but still. I guess he realizes at dinner that Bugsy has a little crush on Alex because then he starts texting Lara. Ohhh bless Hannah for asking Rob about his other bae. Rob seems like an actual stand up guy because he ended things with this girl before starting up with Jess. Alex and Bugsy are pretty loudly talking about Pete being sorta creepy.

Off to the club we go. Hannah pulls Bugsy aside to quickly chat. But Hannah quickly brings up the "lousy chief stew" comment. But both girls realize a lot of time has passed, they know their positions on the boat and seem to have a mutual respect and just want to do a good job. Jess and rob are very snuggly, so are Bugsy and Alex. But Bugsy seems a bit buzzed, Hannahs boyfriend has a corporate job and doesn't fully grasp the yachting lifestyle. Jess and Rob are snuggling with Kiko in the bunk above. Bugsy and Alex are a little schwasty in the hot tub, Malia is just confused with it. Pete is in bed on the phone with Lara.

I guess Bugsy doesn't fully remember the chilly Jacuzzi moment, hopefully nothings awkward. Rob shares with Jess that he's now 10 years sober from Narcotics Anonymous. It is a bit bittersweet because he and his mom were in rehab together, but he got clean and she couldn't. Malia bridges the awkward gap in the morning between Bugsy and Alex. Off to cleaning time. ete is living up to his Shameless Pete name in trying to chat up Bugsy again. Then for shock value (I think) he lets her know how stews are just down for a good time. See, Hannah makes a joke about wanting to make Jess a better stew but Bugsy actually makes moves to make her better.

Next time, Jess maybe has a broken finger. Hannah and Bugsy get into a tiff. The guests are high maintenance and Captain Sandy considers letting Pete go...

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