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Below Deck Med S05 E07 (No Mushroom for Error)

Last week we had another great episode. We had the stews all getting along, Jess and Rob flourished and so did Alex and Bugsy. We saw Pete try and make moves unsuccessfully on Bugsy and when that wasn't successful swiftly shift back to the stew who quit.

While prepping for the next charter Jess accidentally hurt her finger, lets hope its not broken... Turns out, she has to go to the hospital to get it checked out, this must not be good. Looks like Bernardo is coming on board with some other real estate agents and models from Miami... Should be interesting because they wont be chill. Ontop of it, one of them is a vegan, def not Kiko's style of cooking... I hope jess can keep her job with her fractured finger, honestly they eat so much junk food on the boat, you'd have to roll me out of there. Sandy isn't happy with the fractured finger which is fair, they need to do the charter with the fractured finger in a cast.

I think its hysterical that Bugsy asks Malia if Pete just says things for shock value... Good for telling her talk to Sandy about what a creep he is. Hannah and Kiko have a little sidebar chat. Hannah doesn't want to fire Jess but she cant keep a broken stew... ontop of that she tells Kiko she doesn't trust Bugsy... I think we hav e a juicy charter coming up. Bugsy does know what she's doing and is jumping in to help out. BUT, Hannah should also help pick up the slack here and manage as well. Bugsy, brings to Sandy's attention how odd Pete has been. When Sandy calls Pete to the bridge, she does NOT sound happy and says she's considering letting him go...

Pete does tell Sandy that he's said inappropriate things, she does reprimand him and he's on the job, he needs to think about what he says. I guess he didn't take that to heart since he essentially got fired from Below Deck for saying inappropriate things. Now its Malia's turn to chat with Pete. He's not her lead deck hand anymore, simply because of all of the BS that he's been spewing about women. He needs to respect women, in general and the fact they are in charge. He does talk back to Malia along with a few other issues, not an easy hour for Pete for sure. As Malia tells Rob and Alex that Pete is no longer the lead deck hand, both of the guys agree with it and support her. Pete calls Bugsy and apologizes for what he may have said or what he could've done to make her feel uncomfortable. Bugsy's har looks amazing in her interviews, girl can I get your how to process on how to do that.

Looks like this is going to be a fun but high attention crew. And right away, one guest has a crush on Kiko, another guest wants to taste the juice before it goes into his cocktail... The guests need the crew to unpack for them and apparently professional Pete is coming out to play. The guests have a full on photoshoot action, the diva doesnt like his drink so Bugsy goes and makes some wonderful creation that he loves. Pete is taking his demotion decently well from the outside.

The vegan cooking is a bit of a challenge fro Kiko as a Brazilian, and as a chef it's just not his style. Ontop of it, he's used the mushrooms onboard that were decent so they need some more. Oy, poor Kiko. The guests and crew are getting ready for dinner, the new mushrooms arrive... Gosh I hope this goes well. It's not starting out well since dinner was supposed to be at 9:30 and its now 10. Seems like the overall presentation is amazing and tehy are loving Kiko and all the food. I am confused on how the one guest is sitting with his friends but with his AirPods in... They all want more food and want the food faster and more of it.

The Jess and Rob relationship is cute, but moving fast and very in your face. Poor Kiko feels badly for his performance today. He shouldn't let it all on himself BUT I understand how he feels like that, he's been thrown a curveball with the vegan, he really needs to pull himself out of this funk.

Next week will be interesting. Seems like Rob gets a little flustered, Bugsy and Jess get into it and Hannah is not mediating or leading FINALLY ontop of it the guests don't seem too thrilled...

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