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Below Deck Med S05 E08 (Rise and Don't Shine)

Last week, we had some high maintenance guests from Miami hop on board. It was a struggle for the crew from all fronts, food, toys, drinks, time management, Jess with her broken finger and Pete with his commentary... Let's hope they got a bit of their act together for the rest of charter.

Malia has handled demoting Pete with stride. It must be rough to demote someone, keep them around and have to watch out for him creeping out the women on the crew... Pete so far, seems to be handling it well, I hope he takes the time to reflect. I like that Sandy gives constructive feedback and suggestions to every one of her crew members. Malia is actually also AMAZING at trying to teach and guide those on her team, unfortunately for Hannah, Bugsy is better at that from the stew side.

Kiko chats with the primary and wants to really prove himself with the meals today. The deck crew, is going through a bit of a mess, Rob hurt his toe, some items are flooded and they are pushing to get the toys out for the guests. Rob, is very sweet but he is very sensitive of everything, and on a boat when you do need to hustle, I'm not sure thats the best.

The guests are out playing, Jess cant understand what Bugsy is saying over the radio which is creating some tension. The guests seem happy with the sushi! Behind the scenes, Malia apologizes to her crew for maybe not communicating clearly, Kiko is freaking in the kitchen and Hannah is on with her boyfriend complaining about her job. Bugsy is irritated with Kiko's all over the place and how Jess cant multitask. Bugsy is amazing, she is all about the guests which is what she should be doing, but it clearly irritates the staff. Jess tries to ask Bugsy to speak more clearly during service, Hannah is sitting watching and Sandy had to step in which is not great, plus I'm sure the guests can hear them arguing.

Bugsy is overall frustrated. She's frustrated with Jess, frustrated that the interior is being run with the way things are run. Overall, i do like how Sandy tells Hannah even though Jess is the weak link she does have a great attitude. It's a fun spin on the drama.

Dinner time, we know theres a bit of a mariachi band coming on board for the birthday celebration tonight. I am impressed the band can play, sing and jump on a boat all without missing a beat! Poor Kiko gets nervous with Sandy watching whats going on. The food looks great but I guess the guests didn't want pasta and didn't like the texture of the prawns. Hopefully the cake is a hit, it looks beautiful.

They weren't thrilled with dinner but they do want Kiko to come hang with them. Bugsy gets super into a Marry Eff Kill, shed Marry Alex, screw Kiko and Kill Peter. The flirting between Alex and Bugsy is super cute. It is drop off day but the guests are all up and no one has checked on them yet... Sandy is frustrated, understandably, and she thinks Hannah is checked out. At least the deck crew is thriving with the guests having fun. Sandy is a true leader, its really nice to see her trying to teach Malia how to captain. Hannah, could have phrased her conversation with Jess on how Sandy isn't thrilled... but what do I know.

As the guests depart, it's clear they love Bugsy. They were very kind about the entire experience and phrased the fact the food wasn't fab very nicely. It does suck for Kiko to hear that as well as the stews that they weren't on their game. Im sure it stings for Hannah to hear them call out how much they loved Bugsy...

Sandy gives a bit of a pep talk but they needed it. They got a smaller tip than my hopeful boyfriend gave last charter. to be fair, the service and food wasn't on point so I don't blame them. Sandy sits Hannah down to chat, she can tell Hannah is a bit checked out but she still supports her. Sandy now talks to Kiko, she knows he's giving 1000%, but has he reached his max capacity? Hopefully he gets it together, he's a good addition to the crew, I hope he kills it.

Next week, we still have issues with Jess's performance, looks like theres another high brow group coming on and some safety concern...

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