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Below Deck Med S05 E09 Viva, Loss Vegas

We are back for literally the most watched Bravo TV show on air right now. Last week we had some food issues along with other staff issues... hopefully this week is better.

It's time to quick change over for the next charter, Kiko is teary eyed trying his best, the stewardesses are a hand down and Pete got knocked down a few pegs. Pref sheet time and food wise they seem easy, they want all the toys, the stewardesses need to really work hard this charter. The challenge would be that its a four days which is one extra than most.

time to go out. Bugsy looks fab but apparently Alex doesn't want to drink, he just wants to be in control and bugsy doesn't really want to be heartbroken. Kiko stayed back on the boat, he wants to prep for the next charter, he's taking captains feedback seriously. Hannah is bummed he isn't there but I'm guessing she's also bummed her boyfriend is so far away and that Sandy got Bugsy out of bed to save the day...

Jess while she may not be killing it in terms of her actual job, she's doing amazing in the romance department. Poor Alex drank too much and is sluring his words, he clearly is into Bugsy but is too drunk to explain it...He also looks way different with a hat on like that.

Morning of charter, I cant believe they can go out and drink like that then go to work. The deck crew is off and running, the stews on the other hand... They are making some shifts, Jess keeps have things go missing in the laundry room (none of the staff has their uniform). Plus with her messed up finger, she needs to not be on lunch or dinner service. Malia calls her crew to chat, she gives them a bit of a pep talk and some things that need to be worked on. Sandy is so cute watching her do this and I think is super impressed. Hannah asks the crew what they are missing from laundry, turns out, they are missing a lot. Sandy is not thrilled because either Jess gets it right this charter or they are getting a new third stew.

Seems like there is some tension now between jess and the rest of the crew. Last charter she and Bugsy butted heads, now she and Malia are having a tiff. Jess is a bit bent out of shape (understandably) because she was just told shell be fired if she doesn't turn around. Malia does do the right thing in talking to jess to let her know she didn't throw her under the bus and its a top down thing. AKA it starts with Hannah who really may be the core issue at this point.

The new guests arrive and are dressed to the 9's. Immediately poor Kiko gets called out for being the chef and we know they'll be picky. I guess they packed a big on the heavy side, seems the crew is shocked loading their luggage on how much it is for how few people. Hannah is trying to be supportive of Kiko by helping listen in on the convo with the guests to ensure everyone is getting the food they want. Seems like they all have different pref sheets. Thankfully, the guests are loving the lunch and the Captain will be joining them for dinner., Unfortunately for Kiko, Sandy is criticizing a lot of things Kiko is doing... Off on the toys for the guests.

It is super rocky waters for the guests to be out there. The editors let us hear Malia say "its okay I'm a rescue diver" right before two of them topple over and Malia goes diving into the water. I swam my entire life, was a 4x NCAA Academic + Athletic All American Swimmer in college plus a lifeguard... I do not f^ck with mother nature and water like that. Honestly, her Diving in was a good move, I don't know if she needed to drag the guest all the way back like that but still, being submerged underwater like that can be super scary. She's such a badass.

Hannah is now super leaning into helping Kiko by telling him what to cook. Her faith in Kiko and Yachting is dwindling. The guests were super cute with thanking Malia, they loved seeing a strong woman in-charge and setting the example like that. After they are all in, some swells are coming in hot so time to head to the dock, the primary guests are napping, Bugsy is setting another beautiful table and Hannah is on the phone with her boyfriend.

Bugsy's table is so amazing, she does have great drive and a killer eye, which for sure pisses Hannah off. Captain being at the dinner table, isn't helping Kiko's nerves at all. He again is running late, scrambling, everyone is watching. Ugh, I hate seeing people struggle like that, I just want to hug them and encourage them! Appetizer is going great so far, looks good and seems to taste good too! There is no way Hannah loves hearing the clapping and love for Bugsy. Poor Kiko's second dish, is looking a bit messy but I bet its yummy. Dinner was a hit, everyone liked it including Sandy! Bugsy gets sort of awkward with Alex and possibly being around him, which is super cute and funny.

Day tow of charter is upon us and so far so good... Kiko has a lot of breakfast prepped which is great, table is set by Jess and praised by Bugsy, and the windows look nice and clean. The guests are heading on an amazing little trolley to Sollér (with Bugsy and Alex), the train is so cute, its old and wooden its amazing. I love that Alex loves how weird Bugsy is, its so cute especially since the guests sense a vibe between them. As they are shopping, Bugsy tries on a visor and Alex gets it for her, its sooo stinking cute Im obsessed. Regardless, them being gone gives the grew time to chill, clean and prep for the Vegas themed party. Hannah is nice helping him with food recommendations but I think they are a bit too fried for a super yacht...

Kiko maybe should have asked another opinion, I know he trusts Hannah but maybe he should've bounced some food ideas off of Sandy as well. I guess Hannah had something else in mind when she suggested all of the fried food... i'm not sure what she thought but I feel like some fried food would've been fun but along with some bomb as inspired dinner from one of the great restaurants there. Doesn't look like any of the crew members or guests are thrilled with that. Sandy is not happy to say the least, at the very minimum the guests are in good spirits. Sandy sort of crushes Kikos spirit with the "kids party" comment as well as letting him him know that the food the previous night was "crew mess" food. I think Kiko knows he's fired after this charter.

I think we have a lot of juicy drama to come in the next few weeks!!!

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