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Below Deck S04 E03 (The Italian's Job)

Hello Bravo lovers! Last week we left off with Hannah and Len in a bit of a tiff after the first charter & Malia told the boys that she's the boss, not their sweetheart. I have no doubt this week will be any less enticing.

Hannah does 1--% feel threatened by Lara but thats not a valid reason to try and punish her. on the other hand, Lara is behaving horribly. Sandy is right, Hannah is Laras boss, I cant believe Lara is talking back to Hannah. She doesn't have to respect Hanna but she does have to respect Hannahs position. Lets see how Lara takes her F^ck you energy and turns it into, well anything else.

Ew, the deck crew is still calling Lara Lana, and Pete is trying to get with her. Why not show her all of your gym selfies. I do feel bad that Petes dad is dying, I guess he's trying to grab some money before he passes. Good for Jessica for going tits out and rocking her bikini. Rob on the other hand, is making moves on Jessica, seems like a hot girl reading is a huge turn on for him, it hasn't worked for me but hey. It's so funny that Pete who hasn't come off well so far is going for Lara who also hasn't come come off well and sweet little Rob is going for Jess.

Time for a night out with the crew! Some chatter around the crew is pumping Malia up, well thats how it starts, then Pete puts his foot in his mouth by saying something along the lines of "well if a female can do it, I can too"... mmmmm what??? Honestly watching Pete flirt is painful and nothing I'd be into, but hey, there is a lid for every pot. Rob loves that Malia broke down a bit when Sandy called her out for doing a great job. It is unfortunate for Hannah that she's being so loud bad mouthing Lara... The club is interesting, Pete is all over Lara, the rest of the crew is just having a good time. Well, until Malia asks Lara how she and Hannah are getting along and is trying to mediate and tells her how it is from the head position and how it isn't cool. Lara

Hahaha, on the ride back, it's Pete and Lara in one car and everyone else in the other. The other car, is hysterical having fun and maybe screaming that Lara is a bitch. I cant imagine what making love to Pete is, its probably a glorious selfish 30 seconds.

The next morning, we see Lara up early with some running shoes & the rest of the crew slowly is getting up to finish prepping the boat. Pete is still calling Malia "sweetie" Alexis a little sick from last night. Lara is out on her run or something, but no one from the crew knows this. Finally Lara shows up and wants sandy to meet her outside off of the dock.

Ding dong, the crazy b^tch is gone. Lara wants to leave the boat and well i have mixed feelings about that. She was nuts so she's super entertaining to watch but a total loon and not good for the boat. I guess it'll be good overall but its putting them in a not great situation before the charter. I guess Pete isn't going to bang Lara after-all. But he does get to pack up her stuff so, hell get to she her one last time. Aw I actually feel for Pete, he drops his card in but she goes oh maybe I'll call you and Pete is crying on deck. Dude, you didn't even know her name a few hours ago.

Seems like the next charter guests are a family including a little child, some musicians and the hot nanny. Super cute, along with the champagne, they have a little sippy cup for the little kid. It's amazing now that Lara is gone the crew is vibing so well. Unfortunately, the water is too rough and they have to leave the little area they are in, which is colliding with lunch which is colliding with the slide being in the water...

The kids are all tired, the adults are ready for dinner and thy don't know it but a music show! The guests have some giant hits in movies like A Star is Born, Pretty Woman and so on. The food for dinner looks absolutely amazing, and I don't love tapas. They have some Spanish musicians on board with them as well what a great dinner for them! It seems tough having only two stewardesses, they need to clean, prep and tend to the guests all at the same time.

I do feel bad that the guests are stuck at the dock for the entire charter. I wonder if Pete sees how disrespectful it is. I like that Sandy is pulling the crew aside to see how everything is doing. Sandy, is pissed finding out that Pete is calling Malia sweetie, it's not about gender it's about general disrespect. I love that Sandy told the men if they don't like it they can leave.

Next time, the boys are on the prowl, the girls are struggling without a second stew...

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