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Benefits of Napping

I don't know about you but I love a good nap! No I'm not kidding, if I could nap every day I actually think it would be crazy productive of me and just responsible to be able to nap everyday. That being said, I can get very particular about my naps.

In a prefect world, I'll be able to nap ontop of my bed with my designated napping blanket. That being said, I'll move all the pillows off the bed and move aside my grey blanket and snuggle up with my napping blanket. My napping blanket is literally from Costco and was super inexpensive its just so comfortable. I found one that is sort of like it on Amazon, it's another sherpa type throw.

Anyway, enough of my comforts and fantasy world of napping. Let's talk about the benefits of naps!

- Improve memory! Its been proven that mid-afternoon naps can help improve memory of things from earlier in the day. This will also help you be able to connect the dots for things you learned earlier in the day.

- If its improving memory and helping connect the dots, it will probably improve your job performance.

- Napping or just laying down for 30-60 mins will likely boost your mood. By letting yourself rest, your mind will be at ease and increase your mood!

- Cat naps (20-30 mins) after lunch will help fight away those heavy eyelids in the afternoons.

- If you have a long night ahead, there have been a few studies that show taking a disco nap can be better than having some caffeine before a long night out.

- Relieve stress, if you can take some time to nap it will help relieve some of the stress and boost your immune system.

- Good for your heart, if you can take the time to nap and relieve stress, you will likely have lower blood pressure.

- Pending on how long you nap for, it can help you be more creative. If you nap for a bit over an hour you will reach the dream part of your REM cycle and be a touch more creative.

Now, I'm not a doctor but I'm thinking naps are maybe the best thing ever.

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