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Bia Force

Sweat: 10/10 With any workout, it is as hard as you make it. This one will for sure get you sweating... The start of spin will get your heart rate up and it will keep at that steady strong pace all the way through the 36 minutes. The thing (aside from the bangin instructor) that kept me really going, was know it it is only a 36 minute class in 6 minute intervals. That made me want to get the most out of it to keep pushing and sweating.

Sports Bra: 8/10 Girls, if you've got a good set of girls, wear a good sports bra. You'll be happy you did.

Cardio: 9/10 As you know classes like this are totally up to you and how hard you want to work. I poured it on a little extra with the spin bike portions of class to get a good sweat going for the rest of the class. It is a good balance between strength and sweat, I just wish you worked for a longer amount of time.

Strength: 7/10 Overall, the strength part of class comes in when the bands and boxing starts. There are three different band strengths to choose from and during this you want to pick the one you can continue to do reps with. Within the six minute band period you switch every thirty seconds. By the end of the first round I was exhausted, however its nice to know exactly how much is left in class!

Instructor: 9/10 Well, lets just say the instructor, well I could have looked at him all day. I was very happy to be right in front. He was soooo so so cute, had great tunes and was super motivational. The only downside, I wish he came around and looked at form...

locker room: 9/10 I don't think I have been in a nicer locker room in a really really long time. The locker rooms were clean, new, organized, beautiful, had great product, oh, and did I mention beautiful? They are decorated, have great mirror space so you can actually do your makeup or hair post class. The showers are stunning. The only downside to the locker room I would say is the locker space. The lockers are in one corner of the room so it makes it tough to have everyone in the space pre or post class. In addition to that, there aren't enough lockers for everyone especially as classes overlap.

Overall: 8/10 Overall I adored the class & had so much fun going with my colleagues. My biggest complaint about the class is that you are really only working out for 36 minutes. The class is set up for six different six minute interval sets. You bike for 6 minutes, resistance bands for 6 minutes then box for 6 minutes & repeat. I think it is a lot of money to spend on a class but the class was fun, worth it, I am not entirely sure. It is interesting that there are no mirrors in the classroom itself, a lot of times (especially with bands) I prefer to be able to look at my form. I do think it's interesting the instructor is in a mock boxing ring directing everyone and there is a little TV screen above each bag/bands so you can see what you are up to. When you go online to sign up for class, keep in mind that the middle of the room is actually the front of class.

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