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Blogs I'm Currently Reading

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

I dip and dab along with a bunch of different blogs and podcasts but I wanted to share out a few that I am currently obsessed with and why. I think every blog or podcast should provide a different vibe. By that I just mean one blog/podcast should not be the only one you go to. Everyone has their own specialty, passion, humor and so on. So I go to a to different people for different things, after all, no one is an expert in everything…

As of now here are a few that I head to on a regular basis:


Damsel In Dior by Jacey I have been following her for years. She actually may be the first blogger I ever started seriously following. She does daily Instagram posts, multiple stories a day and probably posts on her blog every two days or so. I started following her because of how effortless it was to like her personality. She is very easy going, very real, very funny and open. I love how she talks about just about everything including how she wasn’t sure if she wanted to have children or not. She now has a super cute daughter June with he lovely husband Grant.

She has a very simple elegant style to everything about her, from her home,  makeup, style and blog. not to get too mushy but she 100% is my girl crush and idol. head over to her Instagram and blog for fashion, beauty, travel, lifestyle and more! @jaceyduprie is her handle.


Color Me Courtney Do you need a pop of color in your life? How about a positive pick me up? Well Courtney will provide all of those things and so much more for you. This spunky NYC girl is bursting with energy. I love her bright fun outfits that she posts on instagram AND the fact that she links everything to a stoppable link (almost everything is under $100)! She does these super fun stop videos where she looks like a doll changing her outfits. A few times a week her Instagram stories are themed, for example every Tuesday she goes through tips on how to grow your instagram following and Wednesdays is Waffle Wednesday where her lovely dog Waffles takes over. If you are looking for a bright energetic account to in your feed or weekly blog arsenal head over to her page and hit follow! @colormecourtney is her handle. 


I found The Skinny Confidential a few months ago. It is run by a very inspiring woman named Lauren, she was on The Bitch Bibles podcast and it turns out her husband started Dear Media (aka. the platform the Bitch Bible & TSC His and Her podcast is on). At first glance, I assumed Lauren was very superficial when I first was creeping on her Instagram and blog. When I started diving deeper, I started developing a serious girl crush on her. Not only does she give good tips on branding, skincare and lifestyle things but she knows her brand and rocks it. I literally can not wait to see what she has in store for us next! Go check out her blog, and all of her instagrams! By the way, she just announced she is 5 months preggers!!! Literally cant get enough of her. Head to her handle @theskinnyconfidential to check out all of her different profiles. 


Jackie is well, I don’t know how to start with Jackie other than I want to be her best friend oh and she is the woman behind The Bitch Bible. She is super real, has no shame, nothing is off limits and she is a fellow Housewife expert like I am. As a bit of a warming, she is very sarcastic so if you get offended easily maybe dip a toe in and see if her blog and podcast are for you. She never ceases to make me literally laugh out loud even on the shittiest of days. I look forward to every Tuesday to listen to whatever she’s talking about. Every time I am done listening I seriously wonder why I don’t start podcasting, I think I am equally as entertaining. If you sign up for her news letter, you will get her wonderful “Sunday Scripture” e-news letter that she sends out. This also, leaves me in stitches and wondering why Jackie and I aren’t friends... Head over to her blog and Instagram to check her out. As a forewarning, she jokes a lot so don't take her too seriously @thebitchbible.


Caitlyn who writes Southern Curls & Pearls is the definition of a southern belle. She and her husband live in North Carolina together and she started her blog when she was in college as a creative outlet for herself. From there she has grown it into a beautiful lifestyle blog. Her cute quirky brother is her photographer and videographer and he takes beautiful content. She shares very affordable options of clothing, food & beauty. In addition to that, she doesn’t just show you the final “looks” but she shows you the steps it takes to get there! It has been super fun following her for a few years and seeing her grow and transform. She doesn’t just post about decor, diets & clothes, she also does great travel posts & little life hacks like how to protect yourself from the electromagnetic fields that come from different devices. Some of my favorite parts of following her is when she lets loose and is goofy with her husband. Head over to her Instagram (that is how I first stumbled upon her) & blog to check it out! @cmcoving


Dani Austin is a much newer find for me. I stumbled upon her page because of a photo Caitlyn from Souther Pearls & Curls posted. I scrolled through her instagram and found her super funny. It turns out she and her husband run her mini empire together and it is beyond cute. Not only does he do a lot of photography & video editing for her, but he is also beyond supportive. Recently she started losing here hair and still isn’t 100% sure why. She has turned it into a very positive thing for herself and is looking to help others. She has a few wings, they all have names, regardless, her personality really shines through in her Instagram as well as her videos on youtube @daniaustin.


Anyway, enough about these amazing ladies. These are just a few of the blogs I regularly follow. I look to them all for different reasons but they all are a value add to my life. The “value” may not be 100% tangible where I can take what they are saying and directly apply it to my life. They all make me smile and laugh or inspire me in different ways. Go on over to their Instagram’s and blogs to check these ladies out. Until next time, x

p.s. I realized as I was uploading this, all of these ladies use light pink as their main color... is it time for me to shift to another one? 

Until next time

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