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Blueland Cleaning

This past year I have been trying to make an effort to use less toxic chemicals and just use better products overall. It ranges from eating better, using reusable straws (I linked my fave glass and silicone ones). It seems simple but they can make big changes! I even made sure my Tupperware and cookware was BPA free! The next step on trying to use products that are better for me is looking at cleaning products.

Yes, I love the smell of bleach and chlorine (lets blame my decades of swimming for that one), but those products aren't really the best for you. Especially now that there are so many options out in the world, there is no need to use something toxic when something non-toxic can clean just as well. I was fed an Instagram ad for Blueland Cleaning Supplies.

Turns out, Blueland is good for you and the environment. Blueland products are effective, not tested on animals, eco-friendly packaging and non toxic. Let me tell you how it works:

Step 1: Head on over to their website and pick a starter kit. They have quite a few different options:

  • The Clean Suite, this is the starter kit if you legit want everything they have to offer! It has a bottle for everything (1 Glass Foaming Hand Soap Bottle and 1 Hand Soap Tablet, 3 Acrylic Spray Bottles and 3 Cleaning Tablets (Multi-Surface, Glass + Mirror, Bathroom), 1 Silicone Dish Soap Shaker and 16 oz Powder Dish Soap, 1 Steel Dishwasher Tablet Tin and 40 Dishwasher Tablets, 1 Steel Laundry Tablet Tin and 40 Laundry Tablets) and is $83.

  • The Clean Essentials, has hand soap, glass/mirro, multisurface and bathroom starters for $39.

  • The Everyday Clean, has everything you need for hand soap, dish soap, dishwasher tabs, glass/mirrors, multi surface and bathroom cleaner all for $69.

  • The Routine Clean, This has everything you need for hand soap, dish soap, multi surface and laundry and is $50.

  • Dish Duo, has 1 Reusable Silicone Shaker and 16 oz of Powder Dish Soap, 1 Reusable Steel Tin and 40 Dishwasher Tablets for $34.

  • Hand Soap Duo, has two glass bottles and 6 refill tabs for $30.

  • Clean Up Kit, This is what I got. It comes with three reusable bottles and tabs (Multi-Surface, Glass + Mirror, Bathroom) for $29.

  • Individual sets. If you don't want an overall kit, you can head to their starter set section and get what you are looking for!

Step 2: Once you picked your products and checked out. You can sit back and wait for the shipment to deliver! The shipment will come packed in biodegradable packaging!

Step 3: Once you get your products, you can recycle the excess packaging. You can fill your new forever bottles with water then drop in the tab, it will dissolve and you will be ready to clean!

Step 4: Clean, clean, clean away!

Step 5: Uh, oh... Empty or close to empty bottle? No problem at all! Head back to your Blueland account and get some refill packs! A set of three replacement tabs (for the multi surface, glass & bathroom at least) are $6 for a pack of three. So think about it this way, for $18, you can get 9 additional "bottles" of cleaner. Not only is that good for you & the environment, but thats also great for your wallet!

Come on, how much easier could that process be! Im still shocked that its not only easy, good quality, good for you & the environment but also fab for your wallet!

What are some of your fave cleaning products??

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