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Candle Tips

it is that time of year again where we all start burning candles on a regular basis again. I swear its the chilly weather that gets me in the mood to light a candle and be super cozy. We all love a good scent at home, sometimes candles can be a fickle b*tch, they don't always burn evenly, the wicks can get annoying and so much more. Today, I want to review a few tips I've learned over the years to make sure the candles are burning as well as they can!

  1. Price doesn't really matter how expensive the candle is, its what its made of. I know there has not been a lot of information flowing around that candles aren't good for you. Part of that is true, it is mostly about what's in the candles. Go ahead and pick up soy candles. Of course the number of wicks and overall scent will help determine how wide the scent goes.

  2. Let the entire top layer pool, the first time you burn a candle, you should let it pool to all sides. You want to do this because it will burn every other time. Overall, just make sure it is burning evenly!

  3. Cut the wick, you know when it looks like little balls at the end of the wick? Yeah, we don't want that. We want to be sure the candle doesn't burn with a lot of smoke or a lot of odd pooling.

  4. Tin foil can be your best friend! I only figured this out a few months ago and it was such a game changer. Like everyone else, some of my candles start to randomly tunnel (based off of the first burn, location of wick and whatever else). If it starts to tunnel, you can make a little tinfoil hat with a hole at the top. This will help the candle burn much more evenly and you still get the stunning scent from it.

  5. No draft or wind should be hitting the candle. This will end up causing some smoke and could possibly cause some tunneling to happen.

  6. Never let it burn unattended. I know, common sense but sometimes we forget. Don't let it burn alone, we don't need anything to catch on fire!

What is your favorite candle brand?

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