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Christmas 2020

Well, I think it's safe to say that all of 2020 was an odd year. Christmas was just a continuation of that for us. Of course we have our own family traditions that stayed mostly the same, due to COVID-19, my grandma passing away earlier in December and my parents moving Christmas was a bit different this year.

Our family tradition for as long as I have been alive has been for my dads parents to come over on Christmas Eve. We would always exchange presents, my mom would cook dinner have a yummy meal, we'd have poppers at the dinner table and we always had a ton of laughs. My grandma passed away earlier this month so I knew Christmas eve would be a little different. My aunt still came over, she had the goodies my grandma had previously got for us and we had a really nice time laughing and talking about how wonderful my grandma was. We have this silly tradition of wearing the crowns from the Christmas poppers. This year, for whatever reason (wine may have influenced this decision) I put most of the crowns on my head, proving you can never have too many crowns. I think I had 7 different paper crowns on my head. Even though it was a touch different than normal, it was still nice to celebrate (safely), laugh and enjoy each others company.

Ontop of that, my parents literally moved into a new house a month ago. This is the first time in my entire life not having Christmas at the house I grew up in. They are still settling in, getting furniture, decorating and all that fun stuff. The house was not set up as they woudl have liked but who cares. To be honest, we were all together and we don't need anything at all! We continued our tradition of matching pajamas, having a cocktail at breakfast and having a relaxing jammie day!

After our nap time, we all go tup and ready to go to my Uncle Mike's house. We love spending time with them. It is always a ton of laughs, good food, good cocktails and great company. We ended up sitting and laughing for quite a bit before we even sat down for dinner. After dinner, we ended up playing a game called "Christ-mitts". I laughed so hard I cried playing it. There were a bunch of gag gifts wrapped up and while you were wearing a Santa hat and oven mitts trying to open them, the person in front of you was trying to roll doubles. It was so so so funny, I'm going to integrate that game into my friend group next year for sure.

Overall, between Covid and my parents being in a new house, the holidays were a bit different. I wouldn't trade being with my loving family for anything (well, hopefully I can add a boyfriend to that mix next year).

How did you celebrate the holidays this year?

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