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Cloth and Paper August Subscription Box!

I got my second subscription box in and I am not disappointed, in-fact I'm already excited for the next round!

This pic is from the Cloth & Paper website - sorry guys since Im in the middle of moving I didn't have time to take nice pics this month
August 2020 Box

The August 2020 Planning + Stationery box includes:


October "2021 Style" Vertical Weekly | Thank freaking god they sent these, I am beyond obsessed with them. They sent the August / September ones in the July box and now I'm addicted. I have already ordered the 2021 inserts... I love the month layout, how each week has 3 goals to write down and its so great for tracking literally everything!


NEW Executive Notes Insert | They sent 15 double sided pages of this. I love these as well. I am going to use them go forward for my "weekly to do lists" instead of the lined pages I'm currently using. I like that I can just circle or highlight the month/days I am going with. Plus now the grid will make it look even cleaner than what I was doing.


NEW Habit Tracker Insert | This is super cool. I have the sticky note habit tracker but this is epic. I have it after each month page and wrote four habits I want to track for the month. I think it'll be a good use of a page.

October Cover Dashboard | Again, Im glad they sent this, in July they sent dashboard covers for August/September. This month showcases a quote from May Angelou. Right behind this is where my habit tracker sits.

"I Am The Architect" Dashboard | this is cute but I havent put it anywhere yet... maybe Ill throw it in the socialite section and track the social things so i|i'm not to work focused. A reminder that it is never too late to set your plans in motion.

Abstract Letter Form Dashboard | This material is amazing they put the design on their soft touch material. I am not really sure what to do with this one yet.

NEW COLOR Oat Milk + Sorbet Shape Sticker Notes | I love sticky notes so the fact that these are great colors and fun shapes is great. Im really excited to start using them. I'll likely use them on my weekly inserts on a particular day for some notes,

Transparent + Matte Tab Sticky Notes in Blanc | These are dope. They look like mini file folders, but the best part is you can write on them, play with them and print on them. C+P gave instructions on how to print on them here. These were showcased during a happy hour she had so I'm so glad they were in the sub box!

October 2020 & Minimalism Journaling Cards | these are cute but to be honest, I don't really know what to do with them. I know we got the Aug/Sept journaling cards in the July box but I misplaced the September one...

Overall, here are some pics and commentary of the items from this month. I already cant wait to see what comes next. What is your favorite item?

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