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Cloth and Paper - November Subscription Box

The Cloth and Paper subscription box never surprises me, and I love that. This month was no exception to that. I was actually sort of confused when I first opened the subscription box. I was confused because when you sign up for a subscription you list out what size notebook you have. I have a six ring A5 notebook and it is perfect for me! Im sure you could imagine my surprise opening up the fun box and seeing nothing specific for an A5 notebook. At first I was shocked and confused, but that slowly turned into a smile as I dissected what was in this months box!

New 2021 SPIRAL NOTEBOOK, I was legit shocked when I opened my subscription box and saw this. At first I thought "what the heck" did I get someones order by mistake, was there a mix up with my notebook size? Nope, this entire book of 2021 is all mine! To be honest, I sort of wish I didn't already buy my 2021 inserts for my A5 notebook. But I quickly realized I can use this to track my food, water and exercise to make 2021 my best year yet! Best yet, I love the matte finish on the cover of the notebook.

FOCUSED DASHBOARD, this is specifically an insert for the spiral notebooks. It is the great black piece with a dot in the middle that makes you really want to focus. This and "BUILD YOUR TOMORROW" DASHBOARD are specifically for the spiral notebook. They are inserts that can be inserts or dashboards for the 2021 notebook.

MONTHLY TAB STICKER SET, in theory this is amazing. They are specifically designed tabs to use in any notebook to mark the months. Unfortunately, they are pretty much impossible to peel off the sheet (doesn't like they were cut) so I wont be using them.

Limited Edition DATED MEMO STICKY NOTE, I love a good sticky note especially one that says memo on it. These have a little space to put a date at the top of them and they are perfection.

PROSECCO TRANSPARENT CIRCLE STICKY NOTES, I love all things prosecco, including these 2.75"diameter sticky notes. They are transparent, large and in charge. They also come with the PROSECCO SQUARE PAGE FLAGS they are the same beautiful color. They are only 1.25" and fit right in dated squares. The best pen to use to write on these so they don't smudge is the UNI PIN MARKING PEN | 02.

Last but not least, JOURNALING CARDS. Now, I am not typically a huge fan of these, they take up space. I do use them in the back of my A4 notebook with the magnetic clip as a little reminder.

If you havent yet, you really should subscribe for all the best surprises!

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