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Cloth & Paper July 2020 Planning + Stationary Box

So, last month I got my first Cloth & Paper order and absolutely fell in love with the brand. I immediately realized I wanted literally everything they offer so I decided to slow my roll and subscribe for a 3 month Subscription for Planning + Stationary... Overall I am way impressed and will use most of the products...

The July 2020 Planning + Stationery box includes:


August + September "2021 Style" Vertical Weekly Inserts | We're stocking you up on the new Vertical Weekly style inserts through the month of September.

  • This is the product I didn't know I needed. So much so that I actually already ordered the 2021 set. I have already laid out all of my to do items (well what I know about) for August and September. My planner looks STUNNING..

New Password Tracker | Keep tracking of those never-ending, ever-changing online accounts with our updated design. 15 sheets.

  • This I think is great for some people. I on the other hand have maybe 5 passwords so I feel like I don't necessarily need that....

Architect & Engineering Grid Pad | Use this detailed, functional grid pad to plan out all your big ideas. 50 sheets. Find some inspiration HERE.

  • This is another one that I think is great for some people but I'm not sure I need it. I am not a designer, architect or anything BUT maybe I'll use it to map a floor-plan as I move or to map out my week with work things. Not sure but I am going to try and utilize it!.

August + September Month Cover Dashboards | A little something to get your inspired at the beginning of the new month.

  • this is another product I didn't know I needed. even though I have tabs breaking each month out these are just a nice classy way to do so with a touch of inspiration..

Ink Smear Dashboard | Add a bold ink splash to your planner decor. Will come with a removable blue film to protect the dashboard during transit.

  • This, honestly, I wrote "SHIT IVE DONE" on it and put it as the cover for my complete book. The complete book is where I keep up to a year of old planner pages. I only keep 6 months of a planner in at a time, I am a busy lady.

Conversions Dashboard | We're continuing our reference dashboard collection with this handy conversion chart.

  • Love this, I keep it in the back "whateves" section of my planner along with the laundry dashboard, these are important things to keep close to me!.

Mink Dot Stickers | You deserve a mink. Dot stickers that is. 2 sheets of transparent dot shapes. 

  • I love these, I use them to mark the days of OOO that I have coming up on the monthly view and weekly view. great fab color.

.- -

Mink Dot Grid Sticky Notes | Now you can put a dot grid anywhere you need it with this new sticky note design. 50 sheets.

  • Talk about a great sticky pad. I love sticky notes and use them for so many things. I love that these have the dots so I can write in a straight line or draw something. Plus the color is to die for!


C&P x Oliblock "Manhattan" Magnetic Clip | You can use this magnetic clip for just about anything - a pen loop, a bookmark, a card clip, the possibilities are endless.

  • This is also amazing (sorry can you tell I loved this box? I use this as a book mark and as a pen loop.

August & September Monthly Journaling Card

  • I actually keep these on my desk so I can keep what the month overview looks like. .

Everything I Know Journaling Card

  • Hahaha, oh this is right in the front of mu planner, just as a reminder...

The C&P Black Card

  • Yep, a black card baby, it's fun to keep around, if only it were a black card. In all reality, this was a cute cheeky way for the brand to keep people engaged.

Bases off of this box, I already know I'm going to be obsessed with the next boxes I get, plus it made me go online and grab the 2021 weekly inserts! Can you tell I'm obsessed?

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