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coffee coffee coffee

Now a days there is a club of the month for almost everything, even socks. I got my brother sock of the month club for Christmas, it was a bigger hit than I thought it would be. My birthday rolled around and my roommate was stuck on what to get for me. She knows I'm obsessed with trying different kinds of coffee and anything I actually want I'll buy for myself. She ended up getting me a 6 month coffee subscription from Atlas Coffee Club its one of the top rated coffee clubs in the country! Getting myself a monthly coffee subscription is something I would never think to do. I was so surprised at the thought behind the gift.

Now, I don't know if you are all aware or not but I LOVE coffee, not just I need a cup every day type of love. But more of a love trying new kinds of coffee, love the smell, taste & need it at least two cups a day (that Im not proud of). I have a go to coffee of Maxwell house, simply because thats what I grew up watching my parents drink during the week. So when I got my own apartment, I started drinking Maxwell house and playing around with some other coffee's as well. There is a great shop called Empire around the corner from me so its nice to be able to go and talk to them about what I like and they will pull together some beans & grind them for me.

So, when I saw that my roommate got me six months of coffee of the month club I was super surprised because I would have never thought of that and it’s not something I would get for myself. It turns out, you go to their website and you can either select to look at all of the blends to shop the bags individually or you can go ahead and sign up for a subscription to try coffees from all around around the globe based off of your flavor profile. So since I use a drip coffee pot (it’s super cute and only 4 cups, I’ve had it since college) I need ground beans. In addition to that I prefer the coffee flavor to be a lighter roast. I didn’t know this until recently but the lighter roasts are actually stronger than dark roasts, by stronger I mean it has more caffeine. The only reason I know this is from a quick google search. Apparently the longer you roast the coffee the darker it becomes, and the more of the origin bean flavor you lose and more of the roasting flavors you gain. As the beans roast, they also get darker and lose the density in it. When the beans start losing density they start losing caffeine.

Anyway let’s get back on track here. So the overall gist is this was such a good idea! So every month, I get this little box and inside is a pound of coffee, a postcard With a beautiful image of whee the coffee is from on the front and an info card. The info card has flavor notes, information on the region of where the bean is from, brew method and roast level. Since I’ve started it I’ve gotten blends from:

- Malawi

- Columbia

- Rawanda

- Congo

- I cant wait to see what I get this month

It has been fun to taste the different flavors and try to taste and smell the different ingredient notes that are called out. I’ve actually already planned to continue the subscription. It’s just nice to switch up the morning coffee routine from Maxwell house every day. I think I may make these coffee blends a weekend drink for myself. I really enjoy sitting and reading peacefully on weekend mornings while enjoying a nice cup of coffee, I am a caffeine queen after-all.

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