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Cozy Winter Clothes

I am positive I am not alone when I say I love being cozy. This year in particular I feel like the drive to be cozy is on steroids between the cold weather and being home all the time. I wanted to share a few of my favorite cozies

For some reason I alwasy feel incredibly cozy in a matching pajama set. It triggers immediate relaxation in my brain. From over the years I have tons of matching pajama sets but for the winter months I love a good flannel set or a flannel/Henley set. I also love a good silk set, not so much to sleep in but I feel very glam wearing a silk pajama set. Ive linked some of my top picks below.

Slippers aka house shoes are the only "shoe" I've worn recently aside from sneakers. Here are a few of my favorites! Embarrassingly enough I actually have all four of the below pairs, to be fair, I only wear slippers in my apartment... The nap queen ones are so cute and fun. Both X pairs are great, the BP ones have a lot of padding in them. Beware, the white ones get dirty quickly and both X pairs shed a lot in the first month. I absolutely love the Ugg slippers, I have had them for a few years and wear them down to the laundry room now (they make my feet sweat).

If you are looking for an easy matching set, here are a few!

For whatever reason I have really been loving Abercrombie these days. They have sooo many cute sets, here are a few of my faves

(Clearly I also have a neutral thing going on)

Blankets, I love getting cozy under blankets during this time of the year, I have a few all over my apartment so I can always get cozy

Last but not least, (spiked)hot coco and some tea are nice toasty drinks to curl up with during this season. Honestly, sometimes I really just love a baileys over ice.

What are some of your favorite ways to cozy up?

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