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Dainty Jewelry

It is no secret that I love dainty jewelry, probably because I love stacking it and am lazy with switching it up! Let me share some of my faves!

Earrings, sorry I don't feel like a person without earrings in. I have a go to pair of 9-10mm pearls that I wear almost every day. I will also flip around to a few other earrings pending the mood. In addition to the one set in my lobes, I do have four piercings on my left ear and I love them.

Dana Rebecca Designs. No surprise here, I always have something of DRD on. She has such great options to choose from hoops to studs. I have linked a few of my fave options in the photos below. This brand is on the higher end of things but it's very much worth the cost. ontop of it Dana herself actually is the one answering any DM's on Instagram.

Maria Tash. I only found out about this brand through talking about wanting another piercing. Ben at three SoHo NYC store has actually done three of my four piercings on my left ear. They are all super cute and dainty, so much so that most people don't even realize I have them until I point them out. Not only do they have cute subtle jewelry but they also have some other pieces that are less subtle. Overall, if you are looking to get some additional piercings, they have services virtually and in person to look at your ear anatomy and figure out what will work best for your ear. All of their earrings come in multiple different materials, pricing and thread lengths. The studs come with flat backs and I can not tell you how freaking comfortable they are.

Zoe Lev, this is a mid level price point but again, great quality, the little J in my ear is from them! They have a ton of different options dainty and not.

Necklaces, I am boring af here as well. I wear the same two Dana Rebecca Designs necklaces each day maybe switch it up to have on my J initial necklace or my jess necklace from Etsy.

- Dana Rebecca Designs, again so simple but I wear two of these necklaces every day as layering pieces. I especially love how a lot of pieces have multiple different length options, so the same necklace can be 16" or 18".

Etsy, yep, the site that has everything. Part of what I love about Etsy is how custom and affordable everything is!

Zoe Lev, surprise surprise, I have a few brands that I gravitate towards. What can I say, I know what I like.

Some other brands I love for a lower cost, Madewell, Uncommon James, Simple & Dainty (I actually have a few pieces from here like the coin choker which is way less than the one from Zoe Lev).

Overall, dainty jewelry is super fun, stackable, interchangeable and I';m obsessed with it. What are some of your overall favorite pieces?

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