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December 2020 Goals

Well, off to the last month of the year. Overall, this year has been super weird but I want to be sure that I finish the year on a strong note (well, try to at least).

Let's see, what do I want to do this month?

Habit tracker, I want to be sure I'm sticking to the habit tracker this month. I did not do a great job with it last month and I really need to get myself in check. I'll continue tracking my water intake, my reading, my weight every morning and my workouts.

Continue not ordering out, well, when Im on my own. It ends up being a huge waste of money and it's fun to be able to learn new recipes and cook!

Only drink when I am socializing in person with people! I know that this seems a bit strange however, it is so easy to fall into a habit of having a glass of wine after a long day of work or on the weekend. It will end up being a money and calorie saver by not drinking when its just me.

Make time for me. I am horrible at setting aside time for myself. I end up diving way too much into work or anything else but focusing on me. Probably because I know I have things I want to work on but am afraid of starting because I'm afraid of failing. In this me time, I want to make sure I am working out four times a week, reading four times a week, intermittent fasting, applying to new jobs and focusing on Cubicle to CEO Chic!

Lets see how this month goes.

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