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December 2020 Goals Recap

Well, I can not believe it (well... yes I can) the year is OVER! It not only is time to move onto new month but to move onto an entirely new year!

Lets talk about how I did on my goals from this month

Habit tracker, I use this sucker to track my water intake, reading, weight and workouts every day of the month. This is my maybe third or fourth month using it and I am slowly getting the hang of making sure I do it on a regular basis. Water intake, not as consistent as I'd like. Reading, well, the beginning of the month was horrid however I read a lot over the holiday break. The same could be said for workouts, I'd really love to be able to get in a consistent groove.

This month was not too hot for me, I didn't want to log my weight out of embarrassment, I got stuck working so much I didn't read or workout as much as I would have preferred.

Continue not ordering out, well, for whatever reason I broke down twice this month. To be fair, it was when I was heading home and had no groceries in my apartment!

Only drink when I am socializing This was easy enough to do this month! I feel I socialized quite a bit this month with the holidays, I am looking forward to dry January.

Make time for me. I am horrible at setting aside time for myself. It turns out I really need to make more of an effort to do so. Between work and the holidays, I took very little time for myself this year and this month. Good thing there is always another month around the corner.

Looks like a few of my goals went out the window this past month...

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