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Decompressing Before Bed

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Tell me you don't lay in bed some nights wide awake because you never decompressed properly? Honestly, it happens way more than I would like to admit it does. Over the past few weeks I've been doing my best to try and figure out exactly what I need to do to decompress before bed so my mind is not racing. Here are a few steps I've taken in the process!

  1. No caffeine (or rich chocolate) after 3pm. Personally, if I want to be able to sleep by a decent hour, I cant have coffee or super rich chocolate after about 3pm. I don't know what it is and everyones body reacts differently, mine just cant fall asleep if I have caffeine too late in the day!

  2. Stop working! Yes, it should be super obvious but sometimes I have a hard time pulling away from work. I would catch myself on my phone emailing or messaging while I'm laying in bed. That is a big no-no, it's best if you turn off form work an hour at the very least before you head to lay down in bed.

  3. Working out before bed, for me this is a big no. Growing up I was a swimmer and swim practice was always late at night and I'd always have a hard time falling asleep because my body was still pumping from the workout! That still applies to me today, unless it is a very zen relaxing yoga class, I can not workout for 2-3 hours before bed. If I do, my body will not shut off.

  4. Journal or meditate, it took me a really long time to get into this but Im pumped I did. I keep a little journal by my bed where I write the high of the day, low of the day, overall how I felt and my intention going into tomorrow. Yes, it slips into my night table after I am done writing in it for the day. Once thats done, I try and take two minutes to do deep breathing and just focus on putting my mind at ease.

  5. Read, when's the last time you actually read a book? Recently I have been setting my timer cube for 30 minutes every night after I crawl into bed and just read. I like reading on my kindle or an actual paper book and using the timer cube because its an excuse to not look at my phone. It just gives time to really calm down and not look at a phone, tablet or anything. I like the cube because there is literally no reason to look at my phone, I'll read for 30mins and it will beep when its done. It is a good way to just sit back and when the 30 minutes are up, I feel very relaxed.

  6. Chamomile tea, when I think I am going to have a hard time winding down for the night, I will be sure to make a cup of chamomile tea. It is supposed to not only promote sleep, but it also increases the immune system, reduce stress & so much more! I always have a stash in my kitchen and I swear it works.

  7. Set an alarm! Yep, thats right, make sure you set your alarm for the next morning. I use setting my alarm as the last thing i use my phone for at night before settling into bed. Once the alarm is set, the phone is on do not disturb mode and on my night stand, no more looking at the blue light or being distracted by any messages or anything I may scroll across.

What are your favorite ways to wind down for the night?

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