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Desk Talk

As you may or may not know, I ordered a folding desk and chair from Wayfair at the beginning of the quarantine. Since then, I have hardly have been to my place and have been working from my parents kitchen table, which isn't ideal... As you can see, I'm literally using two cook books as a riser to keep my posture and so I can still use my mouse and keyboard. Having the screen up higher helps me keep me from hunching over.

Desk vibes from my parents place with a makeshift desk.
Current Quarantine Desk Vibe

Typically when I'm in the office, I have my keyboard, mouse and a riser, the exact ones I use are all linked and shown below. I love the mouse and keyboard, they both have charges that last a long time and are so easy to use. The stand is super simple, I like how sleek it is and the hole in the back I use to loop my charger through. When I pack up for the night I normally put my mouse & keyboard ontop with any notebooks below, gosh I really miss my standard set up but most of all my work friends...

All items linked below for the desk vibe.
Office Desk Vibe

There is no use complaining about something as simple as missing my set up, or my friends, especially since I still chat with them! I am really happy I brought my mouse and keyboard home with me. Even though it's not my ideal set up, it's still nice to be able to prop up my computer to keep decent posture while I'm at my parents place.

Regardless of where you are, it is important to be comfortable and try to keep good posture! Second most important thing, you should be happy with the space you are in and with the set up you have. Thinking outside of the quarantine, I do end up working from home a lot between working on Cubicle to CEO Chic and my normal job. I probably spend another 30-40 hours a week working at my apartment. So, I wanted to upgrade my space from this:

This used to be my go to set up if I was working from home... All things linked below.
Bed Desk Vibes

Which to be completely honest is fine when I am working from my bed! I'll set up the pink tray, throw my computer and mouse on there with my computer. It is nice that the tray is big enough for me to fit a glass of water or wine on there as well. For a few months, it was fine to work like that but the more I though about how much I actually work from my apartment, the more I realized I needed an upgrade.

Introducing my new set up! I swung by my apartment last weekend to grab a few more things & set up my new chair and desk that I ordered the first week of quarantine! The chair and desk were both super easy to set up (everything is linked in the photos below). The chair was beyond easy to set up and is super comfortable to sit in. The desk, is a lot heavier than I thought it would be. It comes pretty much set up, I just had to screw the wheels on.

Temporary set up for the deck, its on wheels so I'll move it around my apartment to find the ideal spot. All products linked in their individual pictures.

I quickly threw it in the corner of my room as you can see next to my night table. I unfortunately haven't had a chance to actually sit and use it all day but I am super excited to be able to go back home and fully use it. I did quickly sit at it and send a few emails, having done that, I miss the desk so much more. It was also really easy to flip into the standing version as well as tuck away. It was surprisingly easy to tuck away, as of now I have it hidden behind my door. I think my favorite part of the desk is how flexible it is, I love that I can sit, stand and tuck it away so easily.

I can not wait to get back to my apartment and settle into the chair and start working away! Ill probably throw a next candle, glass of wine and my timer cube on the desk for the perfect vibe!

What's your perfect desk set up?

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