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EveryPlate Meal Kit

As you know I have been trying to order out less, be better managing my money and cook more. I have a great recipe book that my mom gave me and I have been putting a ton of recipies in it which is amazing. My biggest holdup is getting stuck on things I want to try to cook because I get a bit intimidated. I stumbled across EveryPlate as an Instagram ad and well the ad worked.

I really liked a few things about EveryPlate:

  • Each serving is about $4.99. In the meal options there are quite a few premiums you can add to each plan (for me this ends up being under $40 a week since I get 3 meals at 2 servings each).

  • Most of the packaging is recyclable! The only thing that is not is the Gel Ice Packs (which I hate) but you can cut those with a scissor and dump the gel into the trash.

  • Its super easy to swap meals or skip a week on their app or website!

  • I use the 2 servings option so I have two dinners out of each Meal or dinner and lunch!

  • Each kit has all ingredients already portioned out.

  • If you have dietary restriction their plans are very restriction friendly.

  • I can go through and plan weeks in advance!

  • The link here has a $20 off coupon for you!

My first delivery came last Wednesday, the three meals I had ordered:

I mean tell me those things don't look amazing. I really love how they come with all the ingredients, instructions and its jus so easy. The best part is you can also go online into your "meals" and pull up the instructions.

The first one I cooked was the Crispy Cesar Chicken... It was so amazing I really wish I had more than just two servings of it. It took less than 40 minutes to make and was so so so crazy yummy. I had that for dinner two nights in a row and still miss the flavors in my mouth. The next dish I tried was the honey soy salmon. This was also super yummy and just as easy to make! Next time I think I'd ditch the rice and just have the carrots on the side, gosh I love cooked carrots!

I wasn't able to get many pics because I was way too excited to eat!

Anyway off to make my tacos!

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