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Fabletics 4.0 (June 2020)

As you know, I have had mixed feelings about Fabletics but absolutely loved the last round of things I got. This go round, I went with something that would be uber casual and I can throw on a black or white top over it! So I decided to get the Relief 2-Piece Outfit it has a low impact long sports bra and some seamless ribbed bike shorts.

The sports bra is a cute lavender color, I opted for the low impact bra to have a casual vibe in a size Large. Its called the Piper Seamless Bra, it gives off a super casual vibe and I know with an oversized tee it'll be perfect!

The shorts, I was a bit hesitant about since the ribbed pants weren't exactly, clear on what was the front and they were see through. With bike shorts, i prefer to wear them with an oversized tee shirt anyway so it covers the bum.

So I got and tried on these items, I wasn't thrilled. The shorts fit oddly, the crotch area was weird and then I could pull the waistband up to hit right below my boobs. The top, is cute and I could see keeping it to wear under white tee shirts but I wasn't in love with it. the products were so unflattering I'm not even going to take and insert a photo to share. I returned both items.

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