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Fabletics (5.0)

Well guys, my ride with Fabletics is over. I honestly am pretty disappointed its over... They had some cute items for what seemed like affordable prices. I had actually planned to come and go over a super cute skort I got from them to play tennis in and not talk about why Ive stopped purchasing from them but here we are.

I first started buying from Fabletics last November maybe, I was really excited about getting a few different items each month and having it be on a subscription base. The first order I loved most of the items and was thrilled with the quality. Turns out, I got busy and forgot it was on a subscription base. Next thing I knew I had a few different "VIP Credits" So I just used them over the next few months.

After a third big haul, I was ready to start pausing my items for a while, I guess you can have too many leggings. I waited patiently for the first few days of the month so I could hit "skip" on the monthly charge, to my surprise, that never was an option and it just auto charged my card. After reaching out to customer service and getting no where, I sucked it up for a month and just used the credit.

Well, the next month rolled around and the same thing happened. At this point I was frustrated and angry, again from customer service, I was told again to suck it up. This time, I unsubscribed from the VIP setting so I didn't get charged again. I was then stuck in a loop with customer service with them telling me since I'm not signed up for VIP I wont be charged again. Which I understand is true but at this point I wanted my money back.

I wanted my money back because of the months that I went where it wouldn't let me skip and since I tried to use the credits then either items were returned or they cancelled my items and just gave me store credit. Now, store credit, fine, not great but fine, this is until I realized I don't get the "discount" (which by the way isn't that big of a discount because you are already spending about $50 a month so add that to the VIP price and you wont be thrilled). So since I made the decision to not use Fabletics anymore I really wanted my money back.

I was stuck with googling "How to get refunded from Fabletics. Well, turns out you can either spam their photos on Instagram/Facebook with negative comments for customer service to work with you or report them to the Better Business Bureau. At the end of the day, they are a business so I decided to DM them on instagram. To date all of my interactions have been via Facebook messenger (which is what they request) and I do deeply feel for customer service reps. I was able to connect with them and finally get them to MAIL me a check in 4-6 weeks... I don't know why they cant refund my card on file and why they have to mail it but I really hope the check gets to me. I ended up writing them on the BBB and someone issued a refund to my card after I explained the situation, its disappointing I had to jump through hoops like that.

Overall, I really wish my experience was different. I do think they have a good model I just think they customer service could be handled differently. If they change that and diversify the materials they use for pants I'd love to jump back into the program!

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