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Fabletics Review

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

After years and years of seeing Fabletics advertised on TV, Instagram and hearing about it on podcasts. I wanted to give it a try... I probably drunkenly decided to sign up and I can say I 100% ordered these clothes post a few glasses of wine and a workout class with friends. Thankfully, I had So, the first time sign up code then another coupon so it was pretty inexpensive for everything I got! By inexpensive I mean for the 9 items, I paid $80! This is long overdue but here is what I got...

Mila 5-Piece Bundle: The bundle comes with five different pieces where you can go ahead and pick the size and color of each item so I ended up getting:

- Mila High-Waisted Pocket Legging in black in a size Small. Super comfortable, I have been wearing them a lot in quarantine. Outside of quarantine, I have to be mindful of what I wear them to in regard to classes. The seam on the side by my knee can hurt if you are kneeling during any pilates, yoga or barre classes. The mesh on the side is super cute and the pockets are super clutch! I use them to slip my phone, keys or cash into. Since it is a cottony material I don't wear them to spin classes.

- Mila High-Waisted Pocket Capri in cobalt blue in size Small. I love these, The color is great especially since I normally wear black or darker leggings. The material is also cottony, so its great for anything but a spin class!

- Mila High-Waisted Pocket Short 9" in black in size Small. I am a bit lukewarm with these unfortunately. I love a good bikeshort. For some reason I feel a bit awkward in them, I'm not sure if its the length, or my pale legs or the fact that I should drop a few pounds. I do wear them around my apartment but I use a few more of my bike shorts on a more regular basis. Im sure come summer time I will be wearing these a lot, especially since they have pockets!

- Mila Medium Impact Sports Bra in Camo in Large. I had really hoped this woudl be supportive enough to be able to wear to a trampoline or spin class. Unfortunately, I think if I wanted that to be the case I should have ordered a medium to make it tighter.

- Zaylee Funnel Neck Tunic in white in a medium. I always am looking for another layer to throw ontop of a tank after workout class to go grab drinks with friends or just head home. I felt it was a bit boxy and hit me in a weird space so I decided to return it.

Overall the set was super cute and versatile! I ended up returning the tunic, it was too awkward and boxy on my body. The leggings & capris are perfect for workouts as well as this lovely quarantine time. I can not wait to wear the blue capris & the bike shorts more when we are aloud out of quarantine during the summer! I can already picture myself in the local park or walking with friends in them!


Amplify 2-Piece Outfit: This outfit is a sports bra and legging set. In my fantasy world of the future I'll be able to wear this with a sheer top or a white tee. Again, fantasy world, I have some work to do before I can get to that point!

- Kessler Medium-Impact Sports Bra in burgundy in a Large. This is so stinking cute, the color is diverse enough to wear almost all year (pending the color of shirt you have on). Again, I wish I got a size medium instead of large to hold the girls in a bit righter.

- Kessler High-Waisted Strappy 7/8 in burgundy in small. 7/8th and full length leggings are my absolute favorite lengths to wear. Like the other Fabletics bottoms they hold you in nice and snug! I have been wearing these a lot to do my Peleton strength and yoga workouts! I'll continue to wear them into the spring with a white tee!

My only regret on this set is that I wish I got the sports bra in a Medium instead of a Large! I cant wait to keep wearing this set, as I get more and more toned up I'm sure I'll start shedding the white top for the sports bra and legging combo, just not on the streets.


Willpower two piece outfit: This outfit comes with a ⅞ legging and a top with a built in bra. I was really excited about this outfit but just went with plain black for both pieces.

- Cashel Midi Logo Sports Bra - I got this in a medium in black. By no means did I think this would keep me supported so I just use it for barre class or just hanging out. It is a beyond cute top!

- Dynamic High-Waisted Lattice 7/8 - This bottom also has a cottony feel but keeps you nice and hugged when you are wearing them. My only complaint about these is the straps on my calves are loose so it looks a bit odd. I think its because my calves are so thin but it stops me from wearing them as much as I'd like to.

Overall, this outfit is so cute! I love the all black look (after-all I am in NYC). The top, I end up wearing a lot to just hangout in or to barre classes. The leggings, as I said love however the strappy part is too loose on my calves and ends up looking strange on me!

I also filmed a try on for these pieces, let me know if you want me to post it, I'm sure its entertaining! I am also really excited since I have a cute new set on the way to my apartment! I'll have to wait till the quarantine is over to try it on. For now click here to try out Fabletics!

Until next time,

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