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Fave Swim Suits

Well, I don't know about you but I absolutely hate trying on bathing suits. First off, I personally am in the worst shape of my life and just not super confident right now. I recently went through a ton of my clothes since Im getting ready to move so I decided to go through all of my bathing suits to figure out what to keep and not to keep.

I only wanted to keep the ones I really loved and would feel comfortable wearing (if I lost a touch of lb's). Now to be clear, i am just uncomfortable and don't feel great now plus I gain weight in my stomach so its very visible in swim suits. Let's start off with the one piece suits I have... no, no, no, I'm not talking about the ones I used to wear to swim practice or compete in. I'm talking about cute one pieces that are actually flattering and cute all at the same time. Now, its no surprise to anyone but I do happen to have a larger um, chest area than most and a short torso, that combo makes it a bit more difficult for me to strike god with a cute one piece. Some of my favorites are:

  • Black bandeau by Solid and Striped, this is just such an amazing overall brand, I have a few of their pieces. This is a simple bandeau suit that has high legs on it and some mesh at the top. Here I am wearing a small because of my short torso but it does have some extra fabric on it for me. It is a black classic black swim suit, it looks amazing but looks even better when you are in amazing shape. Unfortunately it is not available anymore.(I have a size Medium but wish I had a small)

  • Ella Moss ruffle mesh suit, I got this originally from Nordstrom Rack but I found it on Amazon! It is super cute, comes with ruffle straps that are removable. The middle panel is mesh with some polka dots on it and the back has a corset looking tie in the back. Overall it its super cute. I think the mesh detailing can distract from any trouble areas (I have a size Medium)

  • Solid & Striped, The Ann Marie, this is another one of my absolute favorites. It is so cute and fun. I have it in navy with rings on the sides and is so flattering. The material really sucks you in. I posted one of my favorite all time photos instead of the mirror pic to show you how much fun I have in this suit. It shows off the girls yet keeps you humble. (I have this in a medium, could flex to the small)

  • Solid & Striped, Red cross back. Unfortunately they don't make this anymore, but it is also super cute, just not as friendly to girls with large chests. It doesn't hold me in as well up top but is quite cheeky in the back, I love the open back from a getting tan perspective. I have it in a medium and linked a similar suit.

Now lets chat bikinis... I used to absolutely love them but now I am a bit more body conscious, I am really saving these for when I am in better shape. That being said, I need to get the confidence I tell everyone to have and just rock it because at the end of the day, no one else cares but me!

  • - Marisya Palm Springs Scalloped Top, this is easily my favorite functional top. Myrasia as a brand is expensive but the quality is so worth it. This is a great supportive top that comes in a bunch of colors (new ones each year)! I am wearing a size Large paired with triangle bottoms (size small).

  • Seafolly Australia Tri Top, this is another great brand. Expensive but it 100% stands up to the test, here I am wearing a size 12 top and thank god it keeps the girls in. I paired it with a simple black bottom in the first photo and Marysia bottoms in Small in the second,

  • Next I paired the Seafolly top with Marysia Antibes Scalloped hipster bottoms. These are a go to for me, they are not see through when wet if thats what you are thinking. I wear a size Small.

  • Marysia Antibes Bandeau Top, this is one of the first pieces I have from the brand. Needless to say it has held up overtime! I am wearing a size Medium because the sizing isn't about the cup size here its about the band that goes around. These are great, super cute and are so stinking flattering. These are literally the only bandeau bikini tops that I can wear. I have it paired with the Antibes Scalloped Hipster bottom.

  • L*Spaced Fringe set. I love this suit even though its not currently one of my go-to's. I think the top is so cute, its in a size medium and so are the bottoms. I wish the bottoms currently didn't have the fringe... This overall set isn't available anymore but I liked to their website!

**Fun note, if you are going to invest in one bikini I would highly recommend the Marysia Palm Springs Scalloped top with the Antibes Scalloped Hipster bottoms. **

Overall, if there is an Everything But Water around you go, run, sprint to the store (or website). They have an amazing selection online and in all of their stores. Go, try on items, the store associates are super knowledgable and the website is so easy to navigate for your body type. They also have amazing options for accessories, coverups and so much more!

What are some of your favorite swimmies?

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