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Top 10 (plus 1)Cleaning Products

Well well well, here we are with another boring cleaning post! After moving I tossed some of the older cleaning products I had and replaced them with some new ones. In that journey I realized I had some clear favorites!

Cleaning is definitely not my favorite thing to do however, having products that work well is half the battle. By no means are these all of the cleaning products I use, just some of my top 10 + 1 favorites (in no particular order).

Bissell Steam mop, one of my girlfriends told me to get one of these and swore it would make my life easier. Turns out, she was 100% right! This is $89 & heats up to kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria. The mop comes with a few scented tabs and washable pads. I use this once a week and feel like my floors are super clean from it. Even though I don't wear shoes in the house, it really is amazing at how much gunk gets in the house!

I switched over to Blueland cleaners because I wanted to start using less plastic. I have an entire post on it here

Playtex Rubber Gloves, these are $32 for a three pack. I use these gloves every time I was the dishes and have an older pair under the sink for when I clean. They in my opinion are worth every penny! They help to not dry my hands out or deal with sensitivity from water temperature. If you aren't using gloves when you wash dishes, you should be.

Clorox ToiletWand, yep, I'm excited about how I clean my toilet. This wand is actually amazing (no I never thought I'd say that about cleaning toilets). The starter kit is $15, comes with the wand, storage case and 16 cleaning pads. All you have to do is attache the pad to the wand, dip it in the water and scrub away. Once you are done use the release button and toss the pad... Thats it, it's that simple and it takes a dreaded task and makes it fine, I don't mind scrubbing my toilet once a week.

Swiffer, a classic Swiffer. I use this once a week. The dry cloth picks up hair, dust and other things that I don't need sucked up the vacuum. The wet cloth does a wonderful job at doing a quick clean after I am messy in the kitchen in between the weekly steam mop.

Scotch-Brite Cleaning Pads Dobie the six pack is $10. I simply started using these because my mom did growing up. I use these to wash all of my dishes, the texture really ensures everything is scrubbed away. They are great to use and easy to toss one they rip and have seen their day.

Moosoo Clordless 4-in-1 vacuum, this is about $115 from Amazon. It does a fine job at what it needs to. I typically use it a few times a week and charge it once a week, once it gets past the full bars of charge the suction is lower. I love that its cordless, it makes things so much easier. The two suction levels are great, I typically use the highest one. the filter is cleanable as well which is great. I probably clean it out about once a month by tossing all the dust in the garbage and rinsing water over it. By no means is this a Dyson but it gets the job done.

Reusable paper towels, this pack of 10 is bout $20. I got them in all grey. I use these every singel day with my Blueland cleaner to wipe down my countertops. They can be thrown in the top rack of the dishwasher to be cleaned. They end up saving so many regular paper towels. Saving paper towels = saving money and the environment!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser Lids, This pack of two is $12. I take my dish soap and pour it into a mason jar. This dispenser is great because one pump will be enough to clean a few dishes, it saves so much soap compared to pouring Dawn from the bottle onto the sponge. That means you are saving money by not using as much dish soap, plus it looks much nicer sitting on the counter.

Clorox Dust wipes, a two pack of twenty is about $20. I don't know how but every time I turn around there always something to dust. Each cloth traps so much dust its amazing, they are so easy to just run over different surfaces and really grab all that dust up!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, this 10 pack is $13. Just get the sponge a little wet and wipe away any scuffs, scratches or stuck on grime. I use it under my counter to get rid of any marks I've made with my shoes and a ton of other places in my apartment.

Blueland Clean Up Kit, this is $29 and comes with three bottles and tabs for multi-surface, glass and bathroom. The multi-surface one is my personal favorite, I use it every single day. To be completely honest, I would have just gotten the multi-surface cleaner (I have already ordered refills),the glass I feel leaves streaks and the bathroom one is fine.

What are some of your favorites?

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